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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Press [Ctrl] + X during game play to display the console window. Type one of the following codes then press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function. The console window will close to confirm correct code entry. Note: In the patched version of the game, press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] + X to display the console window.

Effect Code
Toggle the 24 hour clock stopwatch
Set time of the day (military format) whatimeizit <hh:mm>
Change city name whererufrom <name>
Change mayor name hellomynameis <name>
Unlock all rewards1 you don't deserve it
Set magnification level sizeof <0-100>
1,000 more Simoleons in treasury weaknesspays
1 million Simoleons supermoney
No power requirement for all buildings fightthepower
No water requirement for all buildings4 Howdryiam
Hide empty zone color zoneria
Toggle cell warnings tastyzots
Start recorder recorder
Green tinge on map gol
Empty Zone colors disappear2 zoneria
Advisors wear llama masks dollyllama
Display frame rate fps
Display terrain values when query button is on3 terrainquery
Stop news bar movement barstuck
More pedestrians run when you look at them watchmemove
Propellers will not rotate but still work renderprop
Improve the environment flora
Unknown effect
Unknown rp

1. To display the ' character, press ", then press [Backspace]
2. When you zone land, the green color appears blue or yellow, depending on what you zone. When this code is active, those colors disappear, but the zoning is still there. Repeat the code to disable its effect.
3. This code shows the x, y, z, cell x, and cell z values in the bubble when the query button is on. Move over something and it will appear.
4. This code does not work on all versions of the game.
Please submit more details about the unknown information.
, , , , , , , , , , and

Quick money

When enabling the "Add 1,000 Simoleans to the treasury" code, accumulating any significant amount of money in any small amount of time, especially in lieu of something like a budget shortfall, becomes quite a large feat, due to the complication of opening the cheat entry field and entering one code at a time. Use the following trick to speed up the process. Press [Ctrl] + X to open the console window. Enter the weaknesspays code, but before you press [Enter] to activate it, select the text entry and press [Ctrl] + C to copy the text. Then, press [Enter] to activate the code. Open the console window again by holding the [Ctrl] key and pressing X. After it opens, continue to hold [Ctrl] then press V to paste the code you copied previously. Then, while still holding [Ctrl], press [Enter] to activate the cheat. If done correctly, the code will have been activated and the console window will have remained open. Continue to do this repeatedly to a few hundred thousand Simoleons to your treasury quickly. Eight to ten minutes are required to gain over a million Simoleons. Once you have copied the text, you can always go back and alternate the V and [Enter] maneuver whenever desired, as long as the console window is still open.

Reactivate God mode

To reenter God mode after you have created your city, hold [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] + X and click the "God Mode" button. The tools will not be the post-establishment tools, but will revert back to pre-city tools. They will remain that way as long as you stay in God mode, otherwise they go back to normal.

Show flat land

Press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + C during game play. It will be highlighted yellow and show where flat land good for building can be found.


Quick money

  • Use the following trick to quickly accumulate money.
1. Press [Ctrl] + X
2. type weaknesspays
3. Hold [Left Shift]
4. Press [Enter]
5. Press [Cursor Up]
6. Press [Enter]
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6; you will get $1000 each time.
  • Alternately, press [Ctrl] + X to display the console window. Type weaknesspays, but do not press [Enter]. Highlight the word using the mouse, then press [Ctrl] + C to copy the text. Press [Enter], then press [Ctrl] + X to open the console window again. Hold [Ctrl] and press V to paste the text, then press [Enter], without releasing [Ctrl]. Keep pressing V then [Enter] while holding [Ctrl] while the console window is still open to amass as much money as desired.
  • Start a new city, enable the you don't deserve it code, then immediately place the Federal Prison, Army Base, Toxic Waste Dump and Missile Range anywhere (and nothing else). Click the "Speed Up Time" arrow and allow the game to idle for five minutes. When you return, you will have been paid big money over the years with no expenses.
  • Enable the weaknesspays code, then hold [Shift]. Press [Enter]. The code will disappear, but the box remains. Press [Cursor Up]. The last code typed will reappear. Press [Enter] again. Repeat this for as much money as desired.
  • Place an open area grass park in your city and you will be paid handsomely. The amount is usually in the 2 billion Simoleon range. This is the first park on the menu.
  • If your city's trash is under perfect control, save the game and exit to the region. Build four cities around it and put a neighbor connection from each city to yours. Enable the the you don't deserve it code and place the Federal Prison, Casino, Missile Range, Toxic Waste Dump , Army Base, and give the city about $500,000. Put anything to do with garbage in, but nothing to get rid of it, and send it to your city. If done correctly, your city will have about $100 million if you let it idle for twenty minutes.

Double rewards

Enable the you don't deserve it code, and write down requirements for reward (hold the pointer over the picture.) Place that reward. Then, do the requirements for it. Neil Fairbanks will ask your permission to build the reward a second time in your city.

Easy money

  • Your first goal is to generate profit. After naming your city and mayor, activate the "Legalized Gambling" ordinance to get an extra $100 per month. However there will be a 20% corresponding increase in crime. However because your city is small this will be easy to deal with. Also, raise all taxes to 7.5% to 8.0%. You may want to lower them later, but people will flock to your starting town even with the raised taxes.
  • Taxes can be a helpful tool. You can lower them to attract a certain type of development, or raise them to do the opposite and get the reward in reaping the benefits. At the start of your cities, try raising all the taxes to 8%. This usually results in enough revenue after a few years for a full educational system and fire/police protection. Your Sims do not usually complain at 8% or 9%, as long as they feel they are getting what they paid for.

Saving money

  • Building highways is a heavy hitter on your budget, and noisy as well. If you place two roads side by side and connect every segment with streets (roads have stoplights), then you should be able to get traffic moving just as fast as on highways, but much cheaper and quieter.
  • Look at your water pollution table. When you plan to build more water stations, put them outside the zone. You will now have clean water and can even put in pipes, as the pollution does not affect them. This saves money building a water treatment plant and no one will complain.

Extra reward building

Open up the "News" window and Reward Buildings Toolbar. Build the reward building that you have chosen by clicking on it in the Rewards Building Toolbar. Once built, open up the news item concerning the chosen building. Click "Accept" and you will now be able to build another awards building. Note: This does not work on the Casino, Military Base, Missile Silo, Federal Prison or Toxic Waste Dump.

High population city

Select a large sized terrain. Start by only creating medium density residential and industrial areas. Then add utilities and civic buildings. Wait for the city to reach 10,000 in population and zone more resesidential areas. Try to zone some commercial areas then delete some industrial areas. Wait until the city reaches 30,000 in population to get residential skyscapers. Replace 75% to 80% of the industrial areas to commercial. When the city reaches 45,000 commercial jobs, you will have commercial skyscrapers. Replace all the industrial areas with commercial. Add more residential and commercial zones. Once you reach 100,000 in population, your city will be filled with skyscrapers. Lower all taxes to 5% to 6%. The city will increase in population until 500,000 or over 1 million. Continue building your city and create and connect it to another city.

Unlimited rewards

Enable the you don't deserve it code, then completely quit the game. The next time you play, enable that code again. You can do this as many times as desired.

Water systems

Because water systems cost a lot to build and maintain, do not use them at the beginning. Sims can live without water because they can have their own wells. Note: High wealth Sims will not live or work without city water. If you start a water system, begin in the industrial areas where they are needed most.
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On the adviser screen, click the query box, then click the "X" on the bad or good messages.

Abort Obliteration

If the "Obliterate City" button under "God Mode" was accidentally clicked, anytime before the game screen starts flashing white, press [Esc]. The game will stop

the obliteration sequence.

Extreme God mode tools

When in God mode, select a tool and hold [Shift] while using it. The tool will be magnified as if it were on the next higher magnification, however on the highest the game normally allows it goes to extremes.


You can get zombies by putting a graveyard by a toxic waste dump. Wait a few seconds, then zoom in. Green zombies will be walking around the graveyard.

Command And Conquer reference

If you get High-Tech Industries within your town, you may find a small Bio-tech firm called "Kane Tiberium". Kane is the name of the Brotherhood of Nod Leader, and Tiberium is the resource that you buy things with.

The Sims reference

  • If you are losing money badly, and are under the easy or normal difficulty setting, you will receive financial advice from the financial advisor. She will mention "I cannot summon gnomes to give you an endless supply of money." This sentence is referring to a trick in The Sims where you can sell the gnomes you build for an endless amount of money.
  • When you choose the "Giant Robot Attack" disaster, you will see that other than its eye, it is virtually the same as the robot servant from The Sims "Servo".

SimCity 2000 reference

After you have the ice cream truck, take a free drive in it. Press [Space] to turn on the music and you should hear the SimCity 2000. If not, press [Space] repeatedly until you hear it.


Money from Neighbor Deals

When you make a city, connect it to at least two cities; one with water or some other major resource and another that needs it (water works best). Do not have that resource in your city or the glitch will not work (for example, water pump, power plant, etc.). Make the connection to these two cities using your city and go to "Neighbor Deals". Under the deals, select the resource to buy, then the other city to sell to. Then, cancel the buy, but not the sale. Follow this exactly. Select the pull down menu and reselect the resource you are selling to the other city. If done correctly, the dollar amount should significantly increase. You can now reselect the resource to buy. After a few months, the game will reset the dollar amount but you can do glitch again. When using water, it is possible to get all the way to 1,000,000,000 Simoleons. Note: If you play the other cities, make sure you check on the Neighbor Deals. You do not want to bankrupt the cities. (Screenshot)


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