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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.

Apprentice Locksmith: Unlock all 3 levels of any track.
Fingers of Fury: Play a song with 100% accuracy.
Gold Mine: Earn 10 Gold Records.
Hammer of the Gods: Reach Bonus Level 10.
Happenstance: Discover a bonus easter egg.
Heavy Metal: Earn 10 Platinum Records.
Ladder of Success: Reach Bonus Level 2.
Ladder of Success: Reach Bonus Level 5.
Marketable Skills: Post a high score to Facebook or Twitter 25 times.
Musical Diversity: Play more than 25 different tracks.
Note Perfect: Play one track without missing a note.
On My Way Up: Earn more than 50,000 points on a track.
Perfect Star: Achieve three perfect Star Powers on one track.
Phrase Perfect: Play one track without missing a phrase.
Plays Well With Others: Accept 25 or more challenges.
Power Overdrive: Activate four Power Stars during one track.
Practice Makes Perfect: Play every day for one week.
Rock God: Play an antire song without missing a beat, not, chord, or lick.
Strum Master: Play one track without missing a strum.
Such Great Heights: Earn more than 75,000 points on a track.
Take on The World: Send out 25 challenges.
You Gotta Give 'Em Credit: Play any track more than 25 times without going platinum.