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Skate (Xbox 360)

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Cheat Codes

All characters

Press LB, LT, RB, RT, Down(2), X, Y at the main menu to unlock all characters in Free Play and Party Play modes. A message will confirm correct code entry.

All locations

Press LT, RT, LB, RB, Up(2), Y, X at the main menu to unlock all locations in Free Play and Party Play modes. A message will confirm correct code entry.

Best Buy clothing

Press Up, Down, Left, Right, X, RB, Y, LB at the main menu. Note: Use the D-pad to enter the code.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Fashionista (5 points): Buy 50 Items.
On Your Way... (5 points): Earn 1 Milestone.
The Graduate (5 points): Complete all the tutorials in Career Mode.
Footy = Footage (5 points): Save a Replay in Career Mode.
Afternoon Freeskater (5 points): Spent 5 hours Freeskating in Career Mode.
Fanboy (50 points): Beat all the Pros.
Access San Vanelona (5 points): Unlock 1 Location.
Year's Best (25 points): Get the cover of The Skateboard Mag.
Skater of the Year (25 points): Get the cover of Thrasher Magazine.
X-Games Gold (20 points): Earn Gold in both X-Games events.
Urban Legend (30 points): Own all the Spots.
Halfway There (25 points): Complete 50% of all Milestones.
Tricked Out (25 points): Performed all Tricks in the Trick Book in Career Mode.
Keep Playing (75 points): Beat all Challenges.
Master Flicker (100 points): Earn all Milestones.
Amateur Racer (10 points): Reach Amateur status for online races.
Amateur Trickster (10 points): Reach Amateur status for online trick events.
Pro Racer (30 points): Reach Pro Status for online race events.
Pro Trickster (30 points): Reach Pro status for online trick events.
Icon Racer (100 points): Reach Icon status for online race events.
Icon Trickster (100 points): Reach Icon status for online trick events.
Online Addict (25 points): Complete 50 online game sessions.
Try Online (5 points): Join an online session.
Voyeur (5 points): Watch an online session on skate.TV.
Exhibitionist (5 points): Upload Footage to skate.Reel.
Skate's Top Model (5 points): Upload 6 photos to skate.Reel.
Skate Celebrity (10 points): Reach 20 reviews on a single uploaded photo or piece of footage.
Warming Up (5 points): Win 3 consecutive ranked online matches.
En Fuego! (15 points): Win 6 consecutive ranked online matches.
Enduring Icon (20 points): Earn 2000 Online EXP Points.
You're a winner! (20 points): Win 20 ranked online events.
Host with the Most (5 points): Host an unranked online session.
Keys to the City (30 points): Unlock all locations.
Headhunter (5 points): Beat 1 Pro Skater.
Flow & Style (5 points): Do a 10,000 Point Line in Career Mode.
Rocketman (5 points): Perform a Rocket Air in Career Mode.
Am Skater (10 points): Complete a Shop Film to become an Amateur.
Hooked Up (15 points): Earn all 4 Sponsorships.
Pro Skater (20 points): Earn a Pro Model Board.
Without Footage it's Fiction (20 points): Beat all Film Challenges.
King of the Highway (20 points): Beat all Races.
Contest Pro (20 points): Beat all Contests.
Photogenic (20 points): Beat all Photo Challenges.
Uninsurable (25 points): Complete all Medical Milestones.


Dem Bonez

To unlock Dem Bonez, you must break all of your bones three times in the injury log. You can check the injury log in your backpack to keep track of what you need to break and how many more times you need to break it. An easy way to do this is to go to the Mega Ramp at the X-Games arena. Veer off to the right at the ramp at the bottom of the Mega Ramp into the street area doing a Christ Air.

Plan B Warehouse

Complete Ryan Gallant's pro challenge.
e, arwplafa


Luge course

At the top of "old town"(according to the map), on the road with a wall on one side is a big cement dip on the opposite side with an entrance on the left and right. These are the starting points of a series of tunnels and branching open areas (checkpoints) for a giant luge course. Make sure to set a starting point at the beginning because it is long.

X Games: Megaramp

Perform a Nollie 360 Hardflip to a Christ Air 720 in order to get at least a 90.0 score. Try to land cleanly.

X Games: Street

Go with grinding on every round. Going into a grind with a Nollie Heelflip, performing a Nollie 360 Inwardheelflip, and flipping a trick out will get you at least 1,000 points depending on what trick you flip out on.

Defeating pros

To defeat the pros you must perform a 540. It is impossible for the pros to do this. To do a 540 off the staircase for example, do your rotation for a kickflip then you press both Analog-sticks in the same direction at the same time. Hold them until you land the 540 then repeat. Note: You cannot do the same trick twice until it is out of the already done list.

Avoid crashing from falls

Use the following trick to avoid crashing when you are falling from extreme heights. Just before you are about to land hold L2 + R2  PlayStation3  or LT + RT  Xbox 360   and you will land instead of crashing.


To luge, find a steep hill and the perform a "Coffin" (LT + RT + B) . You must have speed or you will not go far because you can push while doing the "Coffin".

Easy "Tricked Out" and "Rocketman" achievements

Do all of the tricks except for Rocket Air. This must be your last trick. Once you have done all of your tricks except for Rocket Air, then do Rocket Air. This will give you two achievements at the same time, "Tricked Out" and "Rocketman". If done correctly you should basically get almost all of the achievements.

Easy "Rocketman" achievement

Get some good air. This trick requires some time to complete. After you ollie, press the Right Analog-stick Down to tilt your board backwards. While holding the Right Analog-stick Down, hold the two Grab triggers. Note: Do this in a pool or a half pipe to make it easier.




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