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Skylanders Cloud Patrol

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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.

Amateur (10 points): Complete 10 goals.
Anti-Air Defenses (20 points): Shoot down 100 missiles.
Big Spender (20 points): Spend over 100000 coins!
Change is Good (10 points): Skip a goal.
Connect the Dots (20 points): Shoot 4 missiles in a single combo!
Consolation Prize (20 points): Die from bombs 20 times.
Efficient (20 points): Get a MAX combo 50 times.
Face the Elements (20 points): Complete a goal with a Skylander of each element.
Golden Badge (100 points): Get to Level 51 to upgrade your Cloud Patroller Badge.
Healthy Obsession (50 points): Clear 50 areas in one run.
Home Wrecker (10 points): Clear 10 Troll Hideouts!
It's Super Effective! (50 points): Get a MAX combo 200 times.
Jackpot (50 points): Earn over 7500 coins in one run.
Journeyman (20 points): Complete 50 goals.
Master (50 points): Complete 200 goals.
Maximum Magic (20 points): Fully upgrade a Magic Item.
Neat Freak (20 points): Clear 25 areas in one run.
Ovinophobia (20 points): Shoot 100 Sheep.
Paycheck (20 points): Earn over 3000 coins in one run.
Persistent Patroller (20 points): Complete a goal a day for a week straight.
Picky Player (10 points): Change goals 10 times.
Ready to Rock N Roll (10 points): Unlock your first Magic Item.
Shock and Aww Yeah (20 points): Clear 100 Troll Hideouts!
Tappy-go-lucky (20 points): Clear 20 areas in one run without getting a combo.
The 1% (50 points): Earn 250000 coins lifetime.
The Answer (20 points): Die in the 42nd area of your run.
The Collector (50 points): Unlock a Skylander of each element.
The Creators (10 points): View the credits.
The First of Many! (10 points): Unlock your first Skylander.
Tidy Up (10 points): Clear 10 areas in one run.
Wrecking Ball (20 points): Destroy 1000 objects.