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Slingo Quest (PC)

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Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding stamp.

10 Million Points: Score 10 million points in a single level.
Card Rush: Get a full card in a game with at least five spins remaining.
Classic: Score 30,000 points in Classic mode.
Full Spin: Make a match with every reel in a single 5x5 board.
Grand Slingo: Make 1,000 Slingos.
Match Maker: Make 10,000 Matches.
Slingo Bonanza: Get ten Slingos or Bounce Slingos in a single spin on a single or 7x7 board.
Speed Demon: Complete a level without allowing the speed meter to run out.
Stamp Collector: Collect all other stamps.
Super Joker: Spin five jokers at once in a mode other than 7x7.
Ten at Once: Unleash ten normal, super, and bouncing Slingos all from one cell.
Tic Tac Slingo: Get four Slingos in a single move without using Bounce Slingos.


Starting spins

To start your spins easier you can Right Click, press [Space], or press [Enter] when the "Spin" button is highlighted.

Finding matches

On multi-board, the wheels will partially dim when there are more matches. The side of the wheel that is not dimmed will show which board(s) may have more matches.
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Easy points

Each Slingo released from a single cell match is worth twice as many points. Try to set up as many Slingos as possible before you release them all.

Butterfly Slingos are worth double points. They always appear at the end of a series of Slingos. Try to set up as many Slingos as possible when catching a butterfly.

Cell power-ups are always found at the same location on quest levels. Memorize those places to collect them faster. Note: They appear in random locations in pirate and bonus levels. Try to get cell multipliers as early as possible to multiply your score.

After getting devil protection, devils are a good because each cherub has a 20% chance of doubling your score. Try to get cherubs as late in the game as possible.