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Small Arms

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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Completed Training (10 points): Complete the Single Player training mode.
Combo x2 (15 points): Kill two opponents in rapid succession.
Combo x5 (20 points): Kill five opponents in rapid succession.
Challenge x15 (10 points): Defeat fifteen opponents in Challenge mode.
Challenge x50 (25 points): Defeat fifty opponents in Challenge mode.
Won 10 Matches (10 points): Win ten matches in Single Player or by playing on Xbox Live.
Won 50 Matches (15 points): Win fifty matches in Single Player or by playing on Xbox Live.
Won 100 Matches (25 points): Win one hundred matches in Mission Mode or Battle Mode.
Complete Mission Mode (20 points): Complete Mission mode.
Played 100 Matches (25 points): Play 100 matches either offline or on Xbox Live.
Marksmanship (25 points): Score over 10,000 in the Shooting Range.
Six Degrees of Small Arms (0 points): Play online.

The following two achievements will become available when the additional content is installed.

Honorary Barbarian (15 points): Complete Mission Mode playing as Ivar or Gullarp.
Barbaric Recruiter (20 points): Host an online match using the Iceberg or Village level.


Play as Billy Ray Logg

Defeat Billy Ray Logg in Mission mode.

Play as ISO-7982

Complete Mission mode.

Play as Mousey McNuts

Defeat Mousey McNuts in Mission mode.

Play as Professor Von Brown

Defeat Professor Von Brown in Mission mode.

Shooting range

Successfully complete Mission mode.

Volcano level

Successfully complete Mission mode.

Shooting range

If you jump up and climb on top of the third row of targets you will be able to see a third row of targets. A bullseye on one of these is worth 5,000 points.


Easy Challenge mode achievements

  • In Challenge mode, use Tyrone and have the enemy follow to the bottom right corner of the level. There is hut-like structure here. Go under it, then jump off to the cliff side. Dash back on top of the hut. When the enemy follows, freeze them in their Dash. They will fall to their death. You can easily get the Challenge mode achievements by doing this.
  • Use the player Mousey McNuts in Challenge mode. He has a great secondary fire that shoots bullets from both sides. Get close to the enemy and press LT to fire the secondary weapon. It normally takes only two shots.


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