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Smurfs' Village

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Cheat Codes

Recover village

Start the game, then select "Options" at the main menu. Tap Papa Smurf sixteen times and the "Recover Village" option will appear. Select it to find a list of saved games.


Painter Smurf

Use 30 Smurfberries.

Bonus paint colors

Unlock Painter Smurf and he will be able to paint objects blue, red, and white. To unlock the other colors, complete the indicated image in the Painter Smurf's mini-game at a "Close To Perfection" rank. Note: Colors cannot be unlocked in Practice mode.
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Brown: Complete an image of a Lamp Post.
Dark Blue: Complete an image of some Mushrooms.
Green: Complete an image of Smurfette.
Grey: Complete an image of a Well.
Maroon: Complete an image of a Smurf Hut.
Pink: Complete an image of Papa Smurf.
Sky Blue: Complete an image of some Flowers.
Violet: Complete an image of a Cake.
Yellow: Complete an image of a Gift Box.


Faster level ups

Plant any vegetable or fruit. Go to "Settings" and set the time forward 4 minutes and however many hours needed to complete the growth of your crop.