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Sniper Elite V2 (Xbox 360)

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Walkthrough (PC)

Walkthrough (Xbox 360)

Jungle Juice Bottles

Gold Bricks


Easy "Fish Tank" achievement or trophy

Progress through mission 3, "Kaiser-Friedrich Museum". Make your way to the bridge, plant the explosives, clear the museum, then go up to the vantage point. Wait until at least one Russian tank is on the bridge to before sniping the explosives you planted. The best moment to shoot is when the first tank reaches the second trapped pillar. If done correctly, a cinematic showing the bridge being blown and a tank falling in the river will play.

Easy "Hide and Hope" and "Silence is Golden" achievements or trophies

Play the "Neudorf Outpost" from the DLC under the Cadet difficulty setting. The first objective is to reach the middle watchtower, where you can take out the soldiers guarding the outpost. Start by clearing the path to the tower, beginning with the sniper on top of it. Then, take out the guards outside the bunkers followed by the guards inside them. In order not to be spotted, only fire your weapon when it can be masked by a loud noise. You can also use your Welrod against the soldiers in the bunkers. If desired, hide the bodies inside one of the bunkers so they are not found by any reinforcements do not find them. After reaching the top of the tower, your next target will be the sniper on top of the watchtower on the other side of the outpost. This will leave six soldiers patrolling outside the buildings (left entrance, left buildings, center building, near the railroad, right entrance, dam in the back) and two of them inside the bunkers located at each of the entrances to the outpost. Finally, take the explosives and plant them before the arrival of the reinforcements (about two minutes after you reach the first objective). Once planted, exit the outpost stealthily. Use the exit that leads to the bunkers and avoid the direction from where the truck arrives. Then, get to the extraction point.
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Easy "Get Off the Ground" achievement or trophy

Shoot the explosives to stop the convoy from your position, then run all the way down and kill everyone else.

Easy "High and Mighty" achievement or trophy

Begin mission 8 under Cadet difficulty setting. Progress until you trigger the cinematic after finding the map. Then, go upstairs and stand in the open area. Snipers will begin to shoot you. Kill all eight snipers. You should find five in the first half of the ledge and three snipers when you enter the second half.

Easy "Make Every Bullet Count" achievement or trophy

Disable the "Tutorial" in the game options. Select the Cadet difficulty setting and Play the "Prologue" mission. It should start directly at the assassination of Von Eisenberg, your first victim. Exit the vantage point and kill the two soldiers in the courtyard. Crawl your way out of the garden to reach the street, with four Nazis talking. Crawl your way to the door in front of you, then go up the stairs and kill the soldier that appears in front of you. Then, run to the objective without trying to kill anyone. Note: Each shot must be made with a rifle, and every bullet must hit your target.

Easy "Smoking Kills" achievement or trophy

The location of the soldiers will vary. You may need to wait until the soldiers reach the following locations and begin smoking.

  • Near the first bunker, opposite from the place you start.
  • The watchtower at the upper area.
  • The broken tower on the right side from the watchtower.
  • The watchtower in the camp.
  • In front of the bunkers near the truck.
  • In the middle of the camp, opposite the bunkers.

Easy "You were only supposed to..." achievement or trophy

Play under the Cadet difficulty setting. Use stealthy tactics, picking off enemies with a silenced pistol or muffled sniper shots until the convoy appears. Do not shoot the commanders when this happens. Remain in stealth, at the second or third floor of the large building if possible. After a short time the commanders will congregate in the large building directly opposite of where you started (the objective marker was on it when the convoy was en route). Simply come out of hiding location and place a charge on the doors. You will earn "You were only supposed to..." as soon as the doors are destroyed.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Can Do! (20 points): Complete all co-op Overwatch Missions.
Detonator (20 points): Career total of 50 shots on explosives.
Bomb Happy (20 points): Survive 10 Games of bombing run.
Bedpan Commando (20 points): Resuscitate your partner in coop 10 times.
Target Eliminated! (30 points): As a sniper in Overwatch, snipe 50 enemies tagged by your partner.
Target Spotted! (30 points): As a spotter in Overwatch, tag 50 enemies.
Kilroy was Here (15 points): Make it through the tower to the winch room without being spotted. (Video)
Fish Tank (15 points): Send the tank into the river by blowing up the bridge. (Video)
High and Mighty (15 points): Wipe out the Elite Russian Sniper Team from the rooftops. (Video)
Get Off the ground (15 points): Kill everyone in the convoy from ground level, except for Kreidl. (Video)
Sniper Elite (100 points): Complete all missions on highest difficulty.
Legendary Sniper (65 points): Prevent Wolff from escaping.
Feared Sniper (20 points): Destroy the V2 rocket.
Veteran Sniper (20 points): Discover the location of the V2 launch site.
Master Sniper (20 points): Uncover Wolff's plan.
Expert Sniper (20 points): Eliminate Müller.
Pro Sniper (20 points): Collect intel from the church and make it out alive.
Skilled Sniper (20 points): Stop the execution.
Journeyman Sniper (20 points): Hold off the Russian advance.
Apprentice Sniper (20 points): Destroy the V2 Facility and escape to safety.
Novice Sniper (20 points): Stop the convoy.
Trainee Sniper (20 points): Escape the German assault.
Hide and Hope (50 points): Complete a level without being shot a single time. (Video)
Make Every Bullet Count (25 points): Complete a level with 100% accuracy, using only rifles. (Video)
Cooking Off (20 points): Snipe a grenade on an enemy's webbing from 100m.
Double Dose (20 points): Snipe 2 people with one shot. (Video)
Pass the Buck (30 points): Get a sniped ricochet headshot. (Video)
Gold Rush (50 points): Find and retrieve all the stolen gold bars. (Video)
Jungle Juice (50 points): Find and snipe all the hidden bottles throughout the game. (Video)
Head Honcho (20 points): Get 100 sniped headshots.
Gung Ho (20 points): Snipe 100 moving targets.
World Record (30 points): Get 506 cumulative sniper kills.
Potato Masher (20 points): Kill 100 enemies with explosives.
Iron Lung (20 points): Hold your breath for a cumulative time of half an hour.
Go the Distance (20 points): Get a cumulative sniped kill distance of a marathon.
Deadeye (10 points): Snipe an enemy through his eye.
Silent but deadly (10 points): Covertly kill 25 unaware enemies.
Fuel Tank (10 points): Destroy a tank by sniping the fuel supply. (Video)
Ear Plugs (10 points): Snipe an enemy while your rifle fire is masked by a loud sound. (Video)
Mousetrap Fuse (10 points): Use a trip mine to kill an enemy who is trying to assault your position. (Video)
Front and Center (10 points): Get a scoped headshot over 150m. (Video)

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