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Sonic And The Black Knight

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This game is titled Sonic And The Black Knight in North America, Europe, and Australia, and Sonic to Ankoku no Kishi in Japan.


Bonus characters

  • Successfully complete "Knight's Passage" to unlock Lancelot, Gawain, and Percival as playable characters in Adventure mode.
  • To unlock Super Sonic, complete the game and unlock "Knight's Passage". Complete "Knight's Passage" then return the Scared Swords. Dark Hollow will now appear at the level selection screen and Super Sonic and Excalibur will be unlocked.
  • Complete the indicated tasks to unlock the corresponding character in multi-player Battle mode.
Amy Rose: Defeat the final Boss.
Blaze: Defeat Lady Percival.
Jet: Earn a "5 star" rank on Great Megalith by getting a good time.
King Arthur: Collect all five of "King Arthur's Legends".
Knuckles: Defeat Sir Gawain.
Shadow: Defeat Sir Lancelot.
Silver: Complete the "Lancelot Returns" mission in the Deep Woods.
Tails: Finish the first Castle Camelot mission.

Gallery profiles

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding profile at the "Gallery" menu.

Arthur's Legend 1: Get Arthur's Legend 1.
Arthur's Legend 2: Get Arthur's Legend 2.
Arthur's Legend 3: Get Arthur's Legend 3.
Arthur's Legend 4: Get Arthur's Legend 4.
Blacksmith (Tails): Use the Blacksmith twenty times.
Caliburn: Complete Titanic Plains - Legacy with a "Five Star" rank.
Merlina: Complete Crystal Cave - Legacy with a "Five Star" rank.
Nimue (Amy): Complete Crystal Cave - Rampage with a "Five Star" rank.
Sir Galahad (Silver): Complete Knight's Passage - Legacy with a "Five Star" rank.
Sir Gawain (Knuckles): Complete Titanic Plains - Defeat the Boss - Sir Gawain with a "Five Star" rank.
Sir Lamorak (Jet): Complete Dragon's Lair - Legacy with a "Five Star" rank.
Sir Lancelot (Shadow): Complete Deep Woods - Defeat the Boss - Sir Lancelot with a "Five Star" rank.
Sir Percival (Blaze): Complete Molten Mine - Defeat the Boss - Sir Percival with a "Five Star" rank.


Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding flag.

Blazing Knight: Play Percival ten times in Adventure mode.
Knight Of The Sun: Play Gawain ten times in Adventure mode.
Master Cavalier: Max out on Cavalier Style level.
Master Knight: Max out on Knight Style level.
Master Paladin: Max out on Paladin Style level.
Strongest Knight: Play Lancelot ten times in Adventure mode.
The True King: Complete Adventure mode.


Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding medal.

  • Medal of Lancelot: Defeat Lancelot and collect the game piece after the level. This medal changes the music to "All Hail Shadow" by Crush 40.
  • Medal of Gawain: Defeat Gawain and collect the game piece after the level. This medal changes the music to Knuckles' theme from Sonic Adventure.
  • Medal of Percival: Defeat Percival and get the game piece after the level. This medal changes the music to that which plays when you fight Blaze in Sonic Rush.
  • Medal of Sonic: Complete the "Knights Passage" legacy stage and get the game piece after the level. This medal changes the music to "What I'm Made of" from Sonic Heroes.

"Seven Rings In Hand" (Crush 40 version) song

Collect all seven World Rings in the Legacy mode levels to unlock the song at the "Gallery" menu.


Defeating Blaze (Sir Percival)

  • When you see an opening, attack her then guard. When she does the fire tornado, wait until she stops spinning to guard. Repeat this until Blaze has been defeated.
  • Wait until Blaze finishes attacking, then strike twice and guard again. Repeat this until she has been is defeated.

Defeating the Dark Queen

When you first start, press A or Z to dodge the first three attacks. When she pulls her hand (left or right) to attack, wait until you see the Wiimote appear on screen to attack. Dodge what she fires at you and attack her like before. Then press B to use Soul Surge. Keep swinging the Wiimote. Repeat this until she has been defeated. When she turns black she is almost dead. Be careful; she may try to stab you. Defeat her in less than 2:30 minutes to get a lot of followers.

Breaking the Dark Queen's barrier

When you begin the fight with Dark Queen, keep slashing instead of dodging the orbs. This will save time and deflect the orbs.

Defeating King Arthur

  • Instead of running and catching up then losing all that distance, use Soul Surge in the air to begin combat against King Arthur in the harder version. In the easier battle, using Soul Surge in the air will simply result in victory altogether, instead of swinging swords at each other, and renders much better time.
  • To make the first fight easier, wait until King Arthur stops moving, then attack him by pressing A to jump and press B and swing the Wiimote forward to use the Soul Surge move in the air. Continue to use this attack pattern until the fight ends. During his last attack you may have to be attacked in order use the Soul Surge (this is not recommended).

Defeating Sir Lancelot

When the fight begins, stand still until he tries to attack you. When he does you can do one of two things, either block or backflip away. Backflipping puts more distance between you and Lancelot. When he finishes attacking, Jump Dash back and attack in the air. Repeat this until he goes down.

Chain attack

Using Sonic, Lancelot, or Percival in Adventure mode, go to any level and use the homing attack on an enemy and immediately follow it with a Wiimote swing. In other words, in the middle of your mid-air dash, swing the Wiimote. If done correctly, you will spin or dash through a chain of enemies in a close line, defeating every one of them. Note: This does not work on giants. This requires a lot of practice. If you see a spider-like Knight of the Underworld beginning to fling its arms within the line of attack, do not perform this trick. This trick does not work uphill. An easier way to do it is to do the same thing, but instead of swinging the Wiimote when you dash, swing it immediately after rebounding off of an enemy.

Crafting Ddraig Goch

To craft Lancelot's ultimate weapon, the following materials will be needed.

Two Katanas: Dark Hallow and Deep Woods (Total Rampage and Ultimate Challenge)
Two Orihalcums: Dark Hollow and Faraway Avalon.
Two Dragon Eye Stones: Dragon's Lair.
Two Medals of Lancelot: Deep Woods; defeat Lancelot (first battle).

Shadow's (Lancelot's) final weapon

Once Shadow's (Lancelot's) last weapon is built, he can perform Chaos Blast when you use Soul Surge. Give him an item that gives points for defeating multiple enemies at once to max out your score.

Big The Cat mask

This rare item can be found in only certain levels, but has a better chance of appearing in the "Special Challenge: Destroy 12 Columns" level of Great Megalith.

Gold Slime

The elusive Gold Slime has a 1% chance of appearing among the common Purple Slime in the sewer of Knight's Passage.


The rare Wavestone item can be found in the "Mastery Stage" of Misty Lake.