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Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity (Wii)

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This game is titled Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity in North America, Europe, and Australia and Sonic Riders: Shooting Star Story in Japan.



Complete the following storylines to obtain the following characters.
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Amigo: Complete all missions in Story mode.
Billy: Complete all missions in Story mode.
Blaze: Complete Babylon Story.
Cream The Rabbit: Complete Hero Story.
Eggman: Complete Babylon Story.
NiGHTS: Complete all missions in Story mode.
Rouge The Bat: Complete Hero Story.
SCR-GP: Complete Babylon Story.
SCR-HD: Defeat SCR-HD during a Free Race.
Shadow The Hedgehog: Complete Hero Story.
Silver: Complete Babylon Story.


Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding gear.

Angel/Devil gear: Complete Hero Story.
Chaos Emerald gear: Earn an "Extreme" rank on all missions in Story mode.
MAG gear: Complete all missions in Story mode.


Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding movie.

Ending: Complete Babylon Story.
Insert: Complete Babylon Story.
Opening: Start Hero Story.


Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding track.

80s Boulevard: Complete Babylon Story.
90s Boulevard: Complete Babylon Story.


Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding race. Note: You must complete the Heroes Story mode first in order to unlock some of the races.

Astral Babylon: Complete Babylon Story mode.
Crimson Crater: Complete Crimson Crater in Babylon Story mode.
Gigan Device: Complete Gigan Device in Babylon Story mode.
MeteorTech Sparkworks: Complete MeteorTech Sparkworks in Babylon Story mode.
Mobius Strip: Complete Babylon Story mode.
Nightside Rush: Complete Nightside Rush in Babylon Story mode.
Security Corridor: Complete Heroes Story mode.
Snowy Kingdom: Complete Snowy Kingdom in Babylon Story mode.
Tempest Waterway: Complete Tempest Waterway in Babylon Story mode.

Mission mode

Successfully complete Babylon Story or Hero Story. When that storyline is played again, you can choose any stage and play in Mission mode.

World Grand Prix mode

Successfully complete Hero Story.


Easy rings

  • Enter Mission mode and select Mission 2, "Collect 'X' Rings" on any of the tracks. During this mission you are not limited to a set number of rings that you can collect. Collect as many rings as possible before reaching the goal, then wait for the results screen to appear. Once the results finish displaying, all the rings you have collected will be automatically sent to your ring account (although the game will not show you this). Pause game play and select "Restart" to begin the mission again. Keep repeating the process. If you can get at least 250 rings per try, you should have collected enough rings to purchase even the Rainbow gear within an hour or two.
  • The Gambler gear at the shop has an interesting secret. If you have bought it and take it on a World Grand Prix, you can earn 500 rings per race. If you finish in first place in the Grand Prix on top of that, you will get a total of 3,500 rings. Just three Grand Prixes will give you enough rings to buy the rainbow in exactly one hour. Note: You must know your courses well though, because the Gambler cannot take type shortcuts.
  • Enter the Grand Prix with a partner. Finish in first place three times, then second place three times each. You should finish equal in first and receive 500 rings each.

Mobius Strip: Easy hits

Choose any character that can use a flying gear or, just use the Angel - Devil gear if available. On the second long strip that has the flying ramp, make sure you are able to fly by this point. Go up the ramp, fly, and hold it as long as possible. Do not fly too high or too low. This slows down the Zero Gravity trigger so when your gear hits the ground you will zoom to the Boss for a speedy hit. This is useful after several hits when the time to attack shortens.


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