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Play as Blaze

Defeat the first Boss.

Sound test

Successfully complete the game to unlock all sound tracks except for tracks 110 to 127. Successfully complete the Extra zone to unlock the final set of tracks.

Time Attack mode

Successfully complete the game to unlock Time Attack mode. Successfully complete the Extra Zone to unlock four additional Time Attack mode levels (Zone X Act 1 through Act 4).

Extra Zone

Complete Sonic's and Blaze's story line with all seven Chaos Emeralds to unlock Extra Zone at the character selection screen, where you play as Super Sonic and Super Blaze.
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Created by cubex55.


Blaze: Remain in air longer

While playing as Blaze the cat, to stay in flight longer, instead of holding R, rapidly tap R. This should increase your time of flight in the air by a lot.

Blaze or Sonic: Move backwards in Spindash

When you are playing DS Download Battle or DS Wireless Battle mode, have a friend be in front or back of you. Press Up + A, remain charging for Spindash, then have your friend press R. Sonic or Blaze will move forward or backwards while charging.

Sonic: Strong kick

After you land on a spring with Sonic, press R to do a strong kick.

Completing the Final Zone, Unknown

After running up the robot's arm you must stop and crouch at the low point between the forearm and the shoulder. This will prevent you from flying off once he waves his arm.

Easy lives

An easy way to get lives is to either play Leaf Storm Act 2 or Mirage Road Act 2 repeatedly. You should gain about one or two lives every time you play.

Easy points

When you are catapulted into the air by a spring, keep pressing B. The longer you stay in the air, the more points you will get. The power meter will also increase. This is easiest to do with Blaze. Get on a spring and then keep pressing B until you are a little bit closer to the spring. Then, press R + Up and keep pressing B until you land. This will also increase your Trick Bonus at the end of the stage.

Altitude Limit Act 2: Special Gimmick

Run to the right to see a spring that sends you into another spring which in turn makes you end up on a platform that has parachute. When the parachute goes up and unfolds, go to the left instead of the right and grind the rail until you see the Special Gimmick.

Dead Line Special Stage

Where there a bunch of spikeballs, instead of trying to get all of the rings, just stay on the path that has the ring with the "5" in it. If you try to get all of the rings, you will get hit.

Dead Line Act 2

This is the level with the most rings in the game. If you can find the Ring Magnet power-up, you can probably gain at least 300 rings.

Huge Crisis Act 2: Special Gimmick

When you fall, run to the right until you go down a ramp and into a spring that sends you further to the right. You will go up a ramp that sends you on a rail. Take the rail to go down a ramp to a pit. It is not bottomless. To the right of the pit is a spring that sends you up to another spring that in turn sends you inside of a tube. The tube sends you into an arena where you must destroy five enemies to get out. Once you get out of the arena, continue to the right to go down a ramp into a spring. The spring will bounce you into a checkpoint. Be careful not to get smashed by a platform that rises and sinks. Jump on top of it to see another one that goes up. Get on that one and you should see a robot to the right. Destroy it with a Spin Dash and continue to the right into a speed boost that bounces you around a half loop into another spring. Take the spring to get on top of a wall then fall into another arena where you must defeat five enemies. Once you see a booster, it will send you up a rail. Jump to the left side when you get to a curve (second) to snag an extra life. Once you get it, jump over the pit on to the other side that sends you to the ground where there is a box with a question mark on it. To the left is a spring that bounces you northeast. If you press R + Up when you see the Special Gimmick, you can grab onto it.

Leaf Storm Act 2: Special Gimmick

Run to the right into a spring that bounces you on top of a wall. Follow the wall into a spring that leads you into another spring and sends you onto the ground. Follow the path to go over a ramp and in through a loop. Instead of keeping to the right, move over to the left to fall all of the way down to a spiral. Run through the spiral, down a ramp, and into a spring. From the spring, go through a loop and there should be a nearby speed boost. Take the boost to see a trampoline. Take the trampoline until you can get on the sliding platform that leads into another trampoline. Take that trampoline to see a box with a question mark on it. Get the box and continue to theh right. You should see a speed boost that sends you over a loop that in turn sends you to a bungee. Take the bungee then land on the other platform. Go down the ramp and go around a big loop that sends you down another ramp into a checkpoint. Just off the checkpoint you should see another bungee. Take the bungee and continue to the right until you see a red star that leads you into a spiraling spring. Instead of waiting to get to the top of the spring, jump off and then land at the bottom of the tree. There should be a robot next to a Special Gimmick.

Mirage Road Act 2

After the first rail, do not stand on the ring thing. Instead, use the spring next to it and jump on top of two blocks. There will be a Star and a Mystery box. On Mirage Road Act 2, always try to go up instead of down.

Mirage Road Act 2: Special Gimmick

Instead of going on the circular object when you pass the first ramp and land, take the spring to the left of it. Jump on the small platforms until you see a full-power box and a mystery ring case. Get both of them and continue to the right to roll down a ramp into an oncoming spring. Take the spring onto a platform that has another spring to the right. That spring will send you on a rail which leads you to a loop, then down a ramp. Another ramp is ahead. Then, follow the path and you will be at a spring with a Badnik next to a speed boost. Destroy the Badnik and take the speed boost which sends you over to an object that makes you go up and to the left. Then, take the spring to find two rails. Take the top rail and grind down it to go through some loops. To the right is a speed boost, but instead go to the left. There is a speed boost at the left. Take that one and you will come to a stop when you hit an entrance to a mud slide. To the right is the Special Gimmick.

Unknown: Defeating the Boss

When you are on the final zone, Unknown, you can hurt the Boss while he is in front of you and the camera angle is normal. You just have to wait until he starts smashing the ground. If you do hit him, he will go direclty to the part where you can jump on his arm and really hurt him.

Water Palace Act 2 Special Gimmick

Run to the right to go down a ramp into the water and around a loop. When you go around the loop, you will go into a spring that sends you down a ramp. That ramp leads to a curve that goes up into five springs. When you hit one, you will keep going up until you hit them all. After you have hit the fifth spring, go to the left into a water pump that sends you high in the air. Go to the right into a speed boost that launches you up a rail. The rail leads you to a big loop. Past the loop is a spring that sends you to a water slide. The water slide makes you slide down into the water and into a spring that sends you onto a curve that propels you in the air, above water. There is a platform that is moving up and down. Jump on it and when it is up, jump to the right onto an object that moves over if you stay on it. Jump to the right onto another one, then another one and finally you will land next to a robot holding a sword. Avoid him or destroy him then continue to the right into a loop that sends you down a ramp into the water. Not long from the ramp is another big loop that sends you to a spring. When you go as far as you can, go to the right without falling. Press R + Up and move to the right to see a water pump. Take the water pump to be catapulted onto a place that has two robots with swords. Spin Dash into them to destroy them both. Move to the left to see a loop that sends you around it and to a spring. When the spring catapults you into the air, move to the right onto a platform that moves up and down. When the platform goes as high as possible, jump on top of a wall that has a robot with a sword. Destroy it to see another platform that moves up and down. Take that platform up to another wall. From that wall, there is a spring to the right that bounces you to an area that has a checkpoint. Keep moving to the right to go into a water slide that is a spiral. Hold Right the entire time you are on it. Once you get off of the water slide, you will be running on water. Run until you see a water pump. Press Down and take the water pump up. It sends you onto a platform that moves up and down. Take that up to a platform that moves from left to right. Take that platform to another one that moves left and right. To the left is another robot with a sword. Destroy it and jump up to the left where there are three rings. Past the three rings is a loop that sends you up a ramp, into a spring, which in turn sends you up a curve into a robot with a sword. If you are lucky enough to jump out of the way in time you will not get hurt. To the right of it is a big loop that makes you run to the right into a full-power box and down a rail. You must jump out of the way because there is another robot with a sword. There is another loop that sends you down a spiral water slide. As with the previous one, hold Right the entire time you are on it to run on water. You will run into a wall then fall into the water on a platform that sinks into a bottomless pit unless you jump to the right to safety. To the right are two green robots that are floating and things you must jump over in order to get to a wheel. Press X or Y while standing still and facing it to get past it very fast. It will whirl you up and onto a wall that has an edge. Past the edge is a small step that leads into an air bubble supplier. Get an air bubble and take the speed booster up a curve. To the right is a water pump. The pump catapults you on top of a wall with a robot with a sword. Destroy the robot then jump onto the rail. Jump again to go through the rail (move to the right while falling). There will be a group of spikes and wobbly platforms. To the left is a Special Gimmick. There is also another Special Gimmick nearby if you cannot get this one. Go to the right of the wobbly platforms into a speed boost that sends you into a spring that pushes you up on top of a rail. Take that rail into a spring that bounces you to another rail. To the right of thatrail is a checkpoint and a standard water slide. You will now fall into the water. Continue to the right and push a block until you can get past the low ceiling. There will be a balloon with a star on it that contains a power boost. To the right is another wheel that you need to press X or Y to get past. Past there is a package of air bubbles that you might want to get. Following that is a spring that bounces you to a platform. Go to the left where there are two robots that drop spiked balls. Destroy both of them and to the left is another Special Gimmick.

Defeating Eggman and Eggman Nega

When you are playing the Final Zone with Super Sonic, Eggman Nega will shoot laser beams at you for about one minute. You will see red rocks floating. Get those if you need extra rings. However when Nega comes up to you, he will raise his left arm. This means that he will shoot little bombs that shoot out laser beams. Press A or B to boost and hit them towards Nega's face. Repeat this three more times and he will be defeated. With Burning Blaze, you must face off against Eggman. He will do everything Nega did, but half a minute longer. He will also create a Black Hole that traps you in one place, while taking all of the rings. He will continue this for 30 seconds. To hit him, hold A to charge your Fire Blast, and make sure you are correctly aiming at his head. The Fire Blast also consumes rings. Continue the Fire Blast three more times and he will be defeated.

Defeating the final Boss

The first two times the final Boss rams into the wall on Final Zone, Unknown, it does not do anything to you. The third time, you must hit the Boss or the wall will snap in half and you will fall, lose all of your rings, and die.

Defeating Bosses

With the exception of two of the Bosses that can deliver an instantly fatal attack, as long as you have some rings you cannot be killed by a Boss. Therefore, it is a good idea to leave as many rings as possible un-collected until you need them. Collect all the rings on the ground at the beginning of the fight because they are mostly unavoidable, but leave the ones in the air. By doing this, if at some point during the fight you are struck and are unable to recover any of your rings, you do not have to worry. Just collect at least one of the rings that remain floating around. Even if you make a lot of mistakes, you can still have a good chance of winning in the end. Note: If you want as much points for the round as possible, collect all the rings remaining before delivering the last blow to get the highest possible ring bonus.

Make Sonic or Blaze do a trick

When Sonic or Blaze appears on the touch screen, touch them and they will do a trick.

Damage and rings

When you get hit by an enemy, your rings will fly everywhere as with all Sonic games. However, the more you get hit, the farther and higher your rings will fly, thus making them harder to retrieve. This normally pertains to Boss battles, but is also in effect in Zones.

Finding the Chaos Emeralds

In order to find the Chaos Emeralds in either Act 1 or 2 of a zone. find the spinning object that has a star in its center. Jump onto it and press Y to start spinning fast. Keep holding it and you will get sucked into a hole and reach the special stage to get the emerald. Note: You will have to collect rings, and then it doubles of how much you need.

Chaos Emerald colors in each zone

Information in this section was contributed by

Zone 1: Red
Zone 2: Blue
Zone 3: Yellow
Zone 4: Green
Zone 5: Silver
Zone 6: Light blue
Zone 7: Purple


Sonic runs backwards

Go to Dead Line Act 1 and run into the first spring. Release the D-pad and Sonic will be running backwards.

Stick to a wall

Jump to a curved wall (at the side of a loop) and press the D-pad in the direction that you are hitting the wall. Sonic or Blaze will stick to the wall as long as you hold the D-pad.

Move while charging Spindash

With Sonic or Blaze, hold Down and tap A or B to start charging a Spindash. Keep holding Down, then press X or Y to activate a boost. Sonic or Blaze will be boosted forward, but will remain in Spindash charge position.
Techno Superguy.

Huge Crisis: Falling on normal ground

Select Sonic or Blaze (recommended). Go to the level Huge Crisis (Zone 6) Act 1. Start by running to the right. Do the beginning of the level as usual until you get off the crane. Boost and kill the robot. You will get launched into the air. Once you see a cliff, do the Axel Tornado by pressing Up + R (Blaze). You should now be on the cliff. You will see a steep hill in front of you. Go up it half way. You will now see Sonic or Blaze do the "falling off" animation, as if they are on an edge.

Mirage Road: Wrong dialogue

Go to the third world, Mirage Road, as Sonic and fight the Boss. When you defeat him the subtitle will read "I won't forget this!". However if you listen closely Eggman actually says "You'll regret this!" Note: This can be done with every other stage except the F-Zone, and it can also be done with Blaze.

Wrong dialogue

When you leave the game as Blaze, Cream's word box says "I hope to see you soon Blaze" however Cream says something like "soon Blaze" or "See you soon Blaze". Note: You must be Blaze and have to select "Return to title screen" then "Yes".


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