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Sonic to Himitsu no Ring

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This game is titled Sonic And The Secret Rings in North America and Sonic to Himitsu no Ring in Japan.


Sonic crests

Collected the indicated number of Silver Medals to unlock the corresponding elemental crests to power-up Sonic.

Dark: 100 Silver Medals
Fire: 105 Silver Medals
Wind: 110 Silver Medals

Bonus characters

Collect the indicated number of Fire Souls to unlock the corresponding character.

Blaze: 105 Fire Souls
Cream: 42 Fire Souls
Shadow: 32 Fire Souls
Silver: 87 Fire Souls

Party mode bonuses

Collect the indicated number of Fire Souls to unlock the corresponding bonus in Party mode.

Aim! Big Crossbow: 6 Fire Souls
Cross! Balance Race: 48 Fire Souls
Extreme Difficulty: 114 Fire Souls
Final X Adventure: 126 Fire Souls
Fly! Ptero-Rider: 78 Fire Souls
Play as Blaze: 105 Fire Souls
Play as Cream: 42 Fire Souls
Play as Shadow: 30 Fire Souls
Play as Silver: 87 Fire Souls
Put It Out! Big Fire: 60 Fire Souls
Reel! Battle Fishing: 24 Fire Souls
Row! Canoe Race: 18 Fire Souls
Sink 'Em! Pirate Ship: 12 Fire Souls
Spin! Propeller Race: 96 Fire Souls
Thrust! Bone Knight: 36 Fire Souls
Watch Out! Trap: 54 Fire Souls
World Bazaar: 69 Fire Souls


Complete the indicated task to earn the corresponding award in Chapters 13/14.
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Bookworm: Play for a total time of 24 hours.
Extreme Speeder: Use Speed Break fifty times.
Genie Buster: Defeat a total of 1,000 Genies.
Hero: Defeat Erazor Djinn.
Ring Catcher: Collect 10,000 Rings.
Super Player: Reach level 99.
The Ultimate: Collect all Gold Medals.
Time Controller: Use Time Break for a total of 300 seconds.
True Hero: Defeat Alf Layla wa Layla.
World Traveler: Travel a total of 500 km (310.7 miles).


Defeating the final Boss

Darkspines' new ability is vital to this battle. By shaking the Wiimote up and down, Darkspines is able to charge his Soul gauge. The final Boss has four types of attacks. The first consists of multiple energy balls being hurdled towards you. He will use this attack at the very beginning of the battle, making it impossible to use slow down time. Just move to the left and right to avoid this first barrage. Any other time he uses this attack, you should slow down time to dodge them. His second attack involves him slashing at Sonic with his claws. Simply look where the white lines appear on the screen and dodge accordingly. Make sure to jump if he slashes at the bottom of the screen. His third attack will not occur until you make your first round of hits. Here he creates blue energy balls that draw you in for damage. Also slow down time for this one and use short jump if needed for speed dodging. His final attack leaves him open for attack. Here he creates a huge energy ball above his head. Speed break to stop the energy ball. When you make contact, Sonic will try to push it back. Shake the Wiimote rapidly to send it back Then, shake the Wiimote to charge Sonic's Soul gauge and perform another speed break. Sonic will greet the Boss' weak point on his forehead. Again, shake the Wiimote rapidly to attack his weak spot. After Sonic sends him flying, recharge your Soul gauge for the next round.

Level start

At the start of a level (after purchasing the Mini-Turbo), when you see the flame on Sonic's chest start flaming usually after the announcer says "1", start shaking the Wiimote up and down very fast for maximum results.

Controller options

You use Gamecube controller only on Party mode.

Legend Of Zelda series reference

Go to "Party Games" then to "Treasure Hunt". Look closely at the blue spaces. There will be Triforces forming a circle.




Sonic runs in air

Note: You must be on Levitated Ruin and need to play get to the finish. When you get to the point where there is a Fire Soul on a rail, die and respawn. Then, go backwards to the previous checkpoint. Do not die on the way. Once you go back as far as possible, continue throughout the rest of the level. Before you get on the path, it will not be there and you will run in air.

Evil Foundry level: Wrong dialogue

When you go to the "Evil Foundry" level, jump into a launching ring. You will hear Shahra say a tip for the ring. She says "ring" but the subtitle reads "hoop".


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