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Soul Bubbles

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This game is titled Soul Bubbles in North America and Europe, and Awatama in Japan.

Cheat Codes

Level select

Press L, Up, X, Up, R, Y at the world selection tree.

Show Calabash locations

Pause game play, then press A, L(2), R, A, Down, A, R.

All gallery items

Press B, Up, B(2), L, Y at the gallery screen.

Debug menu

Press B, Up, B(2), L, Y, B, A, L(2), A, Down at the disclaimer or licensing screen. Then, press Select during game play.


Completion bonuses

Successfully complete the game to unlock two bonus levels and concept artwork. To view the artwork and play the levels, select "Gallery" at the "Options" menu.

Golden clock icon

Successfully complete a level with a fast time. The message "Faster than the wind!" will appear, and the clock icon next to your completion time will be golden.
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