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Space Invaders Extreme (Xbox 360)

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Stage mode

Complete a stage in Arcade mode under Normal setting to unlock it at the "Extra" menu. You can then replay that stage as desired.

Endless mode

Complete the game in Arcade mode and all five stages in Stage mode. There are no Bosses in this mode, with the stages cycling endlessly.
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Extra mode

Successfully complete Arcade mode. Extra mode will be available after Arcade mode is selected again. It features a higher difficulty.


Walkthrough (DS)


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Sure Shot (10 points): Defeated a wave of invaders without missing a shot.
Combo Meal (10 points): Destroyed at least 21 invaders in a row.
Goliath Killer (10 points): Defeated the first Boss Invader.
First Taste of Victory (10 points): Won an online match for the first time.
Lieutenant Rank A (10 points): Achieved Rank A at the end of a level.
Lone Wolf Victory (15 points): Completed the game in Arcade Mode.
Hot Streak (15 points): Triggered at least 4 rounds of Fever Time.
Space Invader Veteran (20 points): Won 25 online matches in VS Mode.
Team Victory (20 points): Completed the game in Co-op Arcade mode.
Hero of Nagoya (25 points): Achieved 1 ROW using the Nagoya Attack technique.
Space Commander Rank S (25 points): Achieved Rank S 3 times.
Take That! (30 points): Defeated a Boss Invader without missing a shot.