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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
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Combo 5X (50 points): Get Combo 5x.
Combo 12X (50 points): Get Combo 12x.
Thousand Orbs (50 points): Pop one thousand Orbs.
Four Hours (50 points): Play for 4 hours.
200 Levels (50 points): Win 200 Levels.
2000 Matches (50 points): Make total of 2000 matches.
Hundred Pushers (50 points): Destroy total of 100 Pushers.
Quest Completed (100 points): Complete the Quest.
Quest Expert (100 points): Complete the Quest on Expert difficulty.
Quest Master (100 points): Complete the Quest on Master difficulty.

Additionally there are twelve secret achievements.

Instructions Obscure (25 points): Completed the instruction Rune Circle three times.
Butterfly Bouncer (25 points): Moved the butterflies to the Sparkle Orb Slinger.
Lock Tapper (25 points): You tried and tried and tried to break the lock.
The Pond of Bob (25 points): Said hello to Bob.
Secret: People Shrunk (25 points): Shrunk each line in credits.
Secret: Freebie Master (25 points): Enjoyed your free powerups during instructions.
Secret: Orb Stopper (25 points): You've stopped the movement of the Four Orbs.
Secret: Good People (25 points): You gave a good tap at the backs of the good people.
Secret: Tiny Mushroom (25 points): You've found the tiniest mushroom around.
Secret achievement (Unknown): Unknown.
Secret achievement (Unknown): Unknown.
Secret achievement (Unknown): Unknown.