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Spectrobes: Origins

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This game is titled Spectrobes: Origins in North America and Europe, and Kaseki Monster: Spectrobes in Japan.

Cheat Codes

Exclusive Spectrobes

Press Up, Down, Left, Right, A at the title screen before creating a new saved game for two exclusive Spectrobes, Metallic Ryza and Metallic Leo.

Card passwords

Complete Kogoeria (the third planet) to get the card input machine. Then, enter one of the following codes into the "Card Input" keypad to reveal a constellation. You must then trace a pattern on that screen as revealed by the following videos.
ltidc ahtg

Effect Code
Secret Spectrobes
CT-01 Flamerax 011-235-813
CT-02 Mizusar 213-455-891
CT-03 Bombzar 442-333-776
CT-04 Sarazook 109-871-597
CT-05 Optoger 258-441-816
Evolved Spectrobes
CT-06 Hikolassa 765-109-461
CT-07 Shakablad 771-128-657
CT-08 Spikanor 463-687-502
CT-09 Floralmi 512-139-319
CT-10 Shimadoros 641-831-781
CT-11 Gorberus 151-422-983
CT-12 Zappizor 204-013-462
CT-13 Yagizora 692-178-309
CT-14 Tekkadorax 352-457-857
CT-15 Zuwakrid 028-879-227
CT-16 Daidongu 465-149-303
CT-17 Butobasu 522-415-781
CT-18 Totegarda 739-088-169
Child Spectrobes
CT-19 Komainu (Skull)1 632-459-861
CT-20 Komainu (Jumpsuit)1 023-341-551
CT-21 Komainu (Stuffed)1 655-801-412
CT-22 Attack Mineral 650-110-743
CT-23 Guard Mineral 295-128-009
CT-24 Life Mineral 953-316-291
CT-25 Super Mineral 173-862-675
CT-26 Galaxy Sword 679-142-964
CT-27 Galaxy Lance 334-944-377
CT-28 Galaxy Axe 014-087-331
CT-29 Galaxy Glove 134-903-170
CT-30 Galaxy Blaster 183-631-190
CT-31 Gem Sword S 329-712-150
CT-32 Drill Lance S 734-807-526
CT-33 Giga Axe S 976-777-874
CT-34 Cat Glove S 204-912-586
CT-35 Ninja Blaster S 269-025-203

1. When evolved these Child Spectrobes will lose their special appearance.
Created by WishingTikal.


Connection bonus

Get the Third Shard. Talk to the larger member of the three shady characters encountered during the mission while Jeena is with you. You will have the option to link to Spectrobes: Beyond The Portals to unlock Metallic Leopubar and Metallic Rygazelle.

Silver Komainu

Defeat the Krux, then save the game. Choose to continue on that saved game and a silver Komainu will be available in the first open space in your incubator.

Golden Komainu

Collect all the fossil, child, adult, and evolved Spectrobes to complete the lab system database.




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