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SpongeBob's Truth Or Square (Wii)

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Cheat mode

Interact with the telephone on the first floor of the pineapple to access the cheat menu. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

All movies and concept art

Enter 4825 as a code. Go to the television in the telephone's room to watch the game's movies and concept art.

Spongebuff mode

Enter 2833 as a code. This mode gives increased strength as from the Spongebuff power-up, except it becomes permanent. You will be able to break objects and pass through obstacles that are normally non-interactable.

Super Strong mode

Enter 3427 as a code. SpongeBob will be able to kill enemies with one hit.

Super Weak mode

Enter 4335 as a code. Enemies will cause you lose health faster.

Black and white graphics

Enter 6647 as a code.
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All costumes

Enter 2626 as a code.

500 coins

Enter 3141 as a code.


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