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SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature From The Krusty Krab (Wii)

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Select the "Extras" option at the main menu. Select the "Enter Codes" option, then enter one of the following codes. Then, select the "Activate Bonus Items" option at the "Extras" menu to get the corresponding bonus.

Level select

Enter GUDGEON as a code.

All bonus games

Enter PORKPIE as a code.

Unlimited fuel in flying levels

Enter GASSY as a code.

Unlimited health in platform levels

Enter VIGOR as a code.

Unlimited time in driving levels

Enter EMCSQR as a code.

All Sleepy Seeds

Enter SCOOTLES as a code.

Sleepy Seed Detector

Enter TISSUE as a code.

30000 Z

Enter ROCFISH as a code.

Play as Tuxedo Patrick in the "Starfish To The Rescue" level

Enter PATRICK as a code.

Play as Pirate Patrick in the "Rooftop Rumble" level

Enter PIRATE as a code.

Play as Punk Spongebob in the "Diesel Dreaming" level

Enter SPONGE as a code.

Play as Spongebob Plankton in the "Super-Size Patty" level

Enter PANTS as a code.

Play as Astronaut Plankton in "Revenge Of The Giant Plankton" level

Enter ROBOT as a code.
dyhern e, rew hrtarprnyci idspgl

Aviator Spongebob costume

Enter PILOT as a code.

Exposed-Brain Spongebob costume

Enter BRAIN as a code.

Skeleton Spongebob costume

Enter KRABBY as a code.

Spongebob's flame effect color

Enter FLAMES as a code.

Inventor Plankton costume

Enter INVENT as a code.

Patrick's purple rocket

Enter BUNRUN as a code.

Safari Patrick costume

Enter SAFARI as a code.

Skeleton Patrick costume

Enter BONES as a code.

Spongebob's Hypnotic car skin

Enter HYPCAR as a code.

Spongebob's Squeaky Duck Gun

Enter DUCKGUN as a code.

New ship in the "Rocket Rodeo"level

Enter SPACE as a code.

New vehicle in the "Diesel Dreaming"level

Enter HOTROD as a code.

Different laser color in "Revenge Of The Giant Plankton" level

Enter LASER as a code.

Different rocket for Patrick in "Hypnotic Highway" level

Enter ROCKET as a code.

Alternate Plankton hovercraft

Enter HOVER as a code.

New effect for Patrick's star spin on "Starfish Man To The Rescue" level

Enter SPIN as a code.


Play as Patrick in the "Hypnotic Highway" level

Get 27 Patrick Sleepy Seeds.

Play as Plankton in the "Hypnotic Highway" level

Get 27 Plankton Sleepy Seeds.


Flying SpongeBob

This glitch makes it appear as if SpongeBob is flying. To do it, hold [Sand Slap] and jump repeatedly.


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