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Spongebob to Nakamatachi: Toybot no Kougeki (Wii)

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This game is titled Nicktoons: Attack Of The Toybots in North America, Europe, and Australia and Spongebob to Nakamatachi: Toybot no Kougeki in Japan.

Cheat mode

Select "Cheats" at the "Extras" menu, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Damage boost

Enter 456645 as a code.


Enter 313456 as a code.

Unlimited Lobber Goo

Enter 118147 as a code.

Unlimited Scatter Goo

Enter 971238 as a code.

Unlimited Splitter Goo

Enter 854511 as a code.

Play as Exo-Huggles 9000

Enter 691427 as a code.

Play as Mr. Huggles

Enter 654168 as a code.


Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding award.

Bear Buster: Defeat at least 100 Mr. Huggles.
Blokk Buster: Defeat at least 20 Blokks.
Bot Buster: Defeat at least 50 Factory Bots.
Can Opener: Defeat at least 20 Tin Robots.
Chadbot's Collector: Find all Master Models.
Circuit Breaker: Collect more then 5,000 Circuits.
Cobber!: Play as Rocko.
Eediot!: Play as Stimpy.
Girls Just Wanna Kick Butt: Play Jenny and Sam.
Honorary Fairy, Second-Class: Find all 500 Fairies.
Invader!: Play as GIR.
Kitty Champion: Find Stimpy.
Power Tour Player: Play as Jimmy and Timmy.
Robot Ranger: Find Jenny/XJ9.
Robot Reveller: Find GIR.
Team-Up Legends 1: Play as SpongeBob and Patrick.
Team-Up Legends 2: Play as Danny and Sam.
Teenager!: Play as Jenny/XJ9.
The Biggest Genius: Complete the Game.
Wallaby Warrior: Find Rocko.
Wheeler Dealer: Defeat at least 30 Wheelies.