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Spore Creatures

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Completion bonus

Successfully complete the game to be able to replay the levels with everything already collected. You can now try to collect everything if any items were previously missed.
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Cheat Shop items

Purchase the indicated item with Badge Points at the Cheat Shop to gain the corresponding cheat. Note: Some items cannot be purchased until the game has been completed.

Terraform: Allows you to alter the appearance of a level to resemble the design of another level.
Alt Food: Food has alternate appearance.
Ignore Body Points: Allows you to build your creature with no body point restrictions.
Auto Play Dance: Automatically hit a "Perfect" on each note in the dancing mini-game to get a creature's happiness to the maximum.
Exploding Sporelings: Sporeling will explode when thrown and does not hit its own nest.
Butterfly Exploding: Butterflies will rise from your explosions.
Scaling/Spinning Parts: Your body parts will scale and spin.
Meat Trees Banana Beasts: Enemies will drop fruits instead of meat and trees will drop meat instead of fruit.
Alt and Real Creatures: Creatures have alternate appearance, but still give same parts.
Paintball: Throw rocks at walls to make paintball marks.
Random Color: All creatures (except Gar'skuther's body parts) will have a random color when a level starts or after the Sporepedia is used.
Super Vision: Maximum vision; can see all dirt mounds.
Super Attack: Always do highest damage.
Ignore Poison Terrain: Immune to damage from harmful terrain.
Invincibility: Cannot be hurt.


Getting the parts to become Gar'skuther

When you first defeat Gar'skuther, you will receive his legs. Choose Replay mode and select the planet you were first on. Then, go to the Sporepedia and select "Badges". Go to Park Shop. When you go down, you will see the other parts. Purchase them. You can afford them easily when you complete the game. Go to the Creature Creator. Add the body and remove the other parts to create Gar'skuther. He may be one of the weakest and easiest to get, but he has a lot of abilities that work nicely.

Easy rare parts

To increase the chance of getting rare parts from a creature, wear the parts that you already have from that creature.


When you are a herbivore that is low on health without any nearby fruit, use a water flower on a living tree. Three fruit will grow.

Tapti: Oogie island

Defeat Gar'Skuther. Then, replay planet Tapti. There is an island that you can reach by having the water walk ability. Go to Fryse, which is the first region. Near the place where you exit into the cave to go to the next continent, look in the water on the top screen map. Notice that the water is dark blue and crossable. Go southeast until you get to an island. On this island should be a Skuther, two Oogies and a pollinated creature. These two Oogies are from the other eggs that yours was with at the beginning.


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