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Stack And Deploy

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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
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All Hands in Deck: Collect every commander in the game.
All Your Base: Control 6 nodes in any non-tutoral match.
Armada: Collect every Ship Card.
Battle Storm: Play 10 Online Stack and Deploy matches.
Custom Hardware: Make a custom deck.
End of Tryanny: Defeat the Geros commanders.
Eye of the Tiger: Defeat the powerful General Bonesteel.
First Purchase: I remember my first card...
Maelstrom: Play 25 online Stack and Deploy matches.
Mob Mentality: Play Assault Formation when you have 10 or more ships deployed.
Onslaught: Have all six of your commanders deployed at once.
Round One: Play a multiplayer match.
Strapped: Deploy a ship with at least 30 AP
The Gun Show: Collect every Equipment Card.
Thick Skinned: Make a ship with 400 HP.
Utilitarianism: Collect every Utility Card.