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Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron

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Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding medal.

Conqueror Supreme: Win in every map.
Conqueror (Bronze): Win 5 battles.
Conqueror (Gold): Win 30 battles.
Conqueror (Silver): Win 15 battles.
Endor Day Hero: Play an Infrastructure mode game on July 4th and get the high score.
Flag Carrier (Bronze): Capture 5 flags.
Flag Carrier (Gold): Capture 30 flags.
Flag Carrier (Silver): Capture 15 flags.
Galactic Overlord: Win Galactic Conquest mode.
Hero Vanquisher: Kill 10 heroes.
Jedi Master (Bronze): Get 25 kills as a hero.
Jedi Master (Gold): Get 150 kills as a hero.
Jedi Master (Silver): Get 75 kills as a hero.
Multiplayer Maverick (Bronze): Get 50 kills online.
Multiplayer Maverick (Gold): Get 300 kills online.
Multiplayer Maverick (Silver): Get 150 kills online.
Renegade Leader: Complete Campaign mode.
Rogue Leader (Bronze): Destroy 10 Starfighters.
Super Slicer: Slice 15 vehicles.
Tank Buster (Bronze): Destroy 10 vehicles.
Tank Buster (Gold): Destroy 50 vehicles.
Tank Buster (Silver): Destroy 25 vehicles.
Wookiee Life Day Hero: Play an Infrastructure mode game on the December 25th and get the high score.


Empire ships

The Empire has the best naval fighters; it is a wise choice to select that side when in a Space Assault game. The Tie Interceptor is the best choice when deciding which of the Empire's fighters you will be using. The Tie Fighter is better suited for attacking bombers and boarding craft. The Tie Bomber is good for bombing the critical systems of the enemy capital ship as well as attacking the escort ships. The Tie Defender should be used as a support ship. Even though it has six laser cannons and more missiles than the other fighters it appears most of the time to not have target lock capabilities with its lasers. Also, it is a big target for a fighter, and can be picked off by enemy Interceptors. Do not forget to equip yourself with the vehicle repair power-up. It will repair damage done to your space craft.

Avoiding the enemy hero

It is a wise idea to stay behind the enemy hero's space ship. It is very dangerous and will destroy you quickly if you stay in front of it. When in a fight with the hero's ship, if you have not gotten behind them and they are ahead, fire your missiles at them. When it looks as though they are turning around to fire, about 50% of the time they will stop turning and try to avoid you. This only works when the hero is controlled by the CPU.
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Recommended Space Heroes

Out of all the Space Heroes that can be used, Darth Vader is the best. He has a powerful twin laser cannon that does a good amount of damage, has good recharge time, has wonderful targeting capabilities, and paired with a proton torpedo launcher that launches both tubes simultaneously makes for a wonderful fighter. The second best space Hero is Han Solo. He has similar abilities to Darth Vader, has but his ship is a very large target. It is very difficult to miss the Millennium Falcon even from medium range. The third best Space Hero is a tie between Boba Fett and Jango Fett. Their ships have great fire power, but poor targeting capabilities with their laser cannons. It is better to use Slave 1 for attacking the enemy carrier ship's vital areas than to battle the fighters. Try to ignore the turrets. They will shred Slave 1. Also its own laser cannons have a difficult time hitting small targets. The worst Space Hero is Obi Wan. You are better off using the regular Republic Interceptor over Obi Wan's Jedi interceptor. Obi Wans shoots faster and burns out faster. You will slowly die over time if you cannot find enemies to attack.

Boarding enemy vessels as a Space Hero

You can board enemy capital ships and space stations with a Space Hero. You will not have the option to auto land your ship. When you land, you will have control over your character as if it is a regular ground fighting mission. Your space ship will not disappear, and no one except yourself can use it. The best person to use is Darth Vader. Land your Tie Advanced in front of the enemy land ship. It does not have enough room to get past the Tie Advanced when CPU-controlled, and will slowly die from hitting the Tie Advanced. However it will not do damage to the Tie Advanced. When you are in the enemy's hanger as Darth Vader, attack the enemy fighters by throwing your Sith Saber. It will do more damage than just swinging it. If you throw it point blank range at a fighter (including the LAAT/I), you will destroy it most of the time. It is even better if you wait for the enemy to get inside the ship before you destroy it. The second best choice is Boba or Jango Fett. It is difficult to land Slave 1 inside the enemy carrier because of its size. If you plan to board it before you become the hero, take out the turrets guarding the hanger and another turret with a Tie Interceptor. This is done so that you can concentrate on keeping your ship level and going slow. Rushing in can cause your destruction. Boba's or Jango's wrist rockets do well against the enemies ships. Boba is better at taking out the ships because of his remote detonator. Jango has an easier time with the pilots and marines with his dual blaster pistols. The third best hero is Han Solo. You will need to destroy the turrets around the hanger before switch to him. The Millennium Falcon is a difficult ship to land. You must be very careful. If you touch the side of walls with it you will die. If you make it inside, use your pistol to deal with the people and the wielding torch to get slicer points on the enemy ships. The worst hero to use is Obi Wan. He cannot damage the enemy fighters by throwing his lightsaber, but his ship is the easiest to land.

Easy Hero kills

Go to one of your Command Posts and customize your character so that he has a blaster rifle. Hold R when you have the Hero on the screen. Next, move the Analog-pad Left or the Right so he cannot hit you and start to fire away. Note: Make sure that you are far enough away.

Avoiding guided rockets

Select Ad Hoc or Infrastructure mode. Play at Kashyyyk in the Galactic Civil War as the Galactic Empire. Play as Boba Fett. If the other player is Chewbacca and he keeps hitting you with guided rockets, hit the Jet Pack button and fly straight up to avoid getting hit.

Air Assault battles

While in an Air Assault battle, take out the enemy Auto Turrets first because they are always shooting at you.

Turbolaser sniper rifle in space

To use the Turbolaser sniper rifle in space, wait for the enemy fighters to take off. Wait until the last moment before it is completely outside the ship to shoot it. It works best on A-Wings (instant destruction) followed by the X-Wing (instant destruction rarely), B-Wing, Y-Wing, and troop carriers.

Easy slicer points

Go into a space battle with a wielding torch. Board the enemy ship and wait by the Y-Wing or Tie Bomber. They will not be able to fly over you while you are using the torch. Make sure to point it directly at the ship or you will just stand there and get shot. When you are done slicing into it, blow it up to get it out of the way. None of the pilots will get back in it once you have sliced it.

Easy tank hunter points

  • Go into a space battle and wait to become Darth Vader. Note: You must be Imperial. Board the enemy's ship. Attack the enemy fighters with your Sith Saber throw. You will also get easy Hero points.
  • Go into a space battle at Kashyyyk during the Civil War. Take control of the space station in between the capital ships. Use the space station's turrets to shoot at the fighters coming out of the enemy capital ship. It will be easy, as they will hardly move for a few seconds. This only works if the enemy is CPU-controlled.


Unlimited time while playing as Space Hero

When you are in space, become a Space Hero that has a lightsaber (for example, Obi Wan or Darth Vader). Take your hero's ship and land it inside an enemy's ship. Notice that when you are in the ship your timer decreases, but when you exit the hero's ship your timer is back where it started. While you are inside the enemy hangar, kill as many of their pilots and ships as possible. This will decrease the number of reinforcements. When your hero's timer is almost at the end, quickly go back into your ship. This will bring the timer back up to what it was when you landed your ship. Exit the ship again. Your timer should be almost full. Keep doing this as many times as desired and you will eventually will have totally depleted the enemy's reinforcement count. Note: It is best to land your ship into the enemy hangar as soon as you become the hero to maximize the amount of time you have remaining.

Winning ground battles

Capture all of the bases in the field and quickly pause game play when the 60-second timer begins. The timer will continue the countdown while the game is paused, allowing you to win without giving your enemy the chance to win back the bases.

Unlimited customization points

Go to "Multiplayer" mode and turn on the PSP's Wi-Fi switch. Select "Ad Hoc" option, then "Create", then "Random", then "Launch", then "Auto". Instead of spawning, go to the customization menu. Customize your character as desired, and you can go over the 100 point limit. Turn off the PSP's Wi-Fi switch. Select "Continue" and exit out to the main menu. You can now use that character in any mode.

Guided rockets in space

In space battles walk up to the force barrier in your hanger. Take two or three steps back.Once you have done this you will be able to shoot your rockets into space.


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