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Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic 2 - The Sith Lords (PC)

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Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes


Steam achievements

Follow the indicated steps to earn the corresponding Steam achievement. To view your achievement progress and stats, open the Steam client, select "Community", then search for the game hub for "Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic 2 - The Sith Lords (PC)". Click the "View Stats" option in the drop down list, then select the option that displays the achievements for your account.

A Certain Set of Skills : Gain a Prestige class.
An Elegant Weapon : Contruct your first Lightsaber.
Ancient History : Recruit the Disciple.
Destiny, Dominated : Complete the game on the Dark Side.
Don't Get Cocky : Kill all Sith troopers before they can board the Ebon Hawk.
Fight Another Day : Flee Korriban after fighting Sion.
Grave Robber : Loot a body on Korriban.
Hunger Strike : Defeat Nihilus.
I Didn't Do It! : Let the Sith destroy the Peragus Asteroids.
If You Only Knew... : Reach maximum Dark Side points.
In It For the Money : Collect 10,000 credits.
It Was Like That When I Got Here! : Destroy Peragus Asteroids.
Larger World : Get your first Light Side points.
Last Stand : Side with the Settlers at Khoonda.
Laugh It Up, Fuzzball : Break Hanharr's spirit.
Lost Girl : Recruit Mira.
Lost in Your Work : Learn Moving Meditation.
Luminous Beings : Reach maximum Light Side points.
Martial Law : Side with Vaklu on Onderon.
Never Tell Me the Odds : Win a Pazaak game with a full board.
Nothing Personal : Side with the Mercs at Khoonda.
Orphan White : Recruit the Handmaiden.
Pain Relief : Defeat Sion.
Pet Rock : Get the named Lightsaber crystal.
Pure Pazaak : Beat the champ on Nar Shadaa.
Royal Protocol : Side with the Queen on Onderon.
Seeker : Complete the game on the Light Side.
Short Circuit : Install HK-47's unique module.
Starting Down the Dark Path : Get your first Dark Side points.
Talk Them to Death : Have Persuasion over 30.
The First Rule... : Complete the Handmaiden Battle Circle.
The Gang's All Here : Fill the Party Selection screen.
The Second Rule... : Complete the Mandalorian Battle Circle.
The Walking Carpet : Recruit Hanharr.
Training Wheels : Complete the Prologue.
Unadulterated Violence : Repair the damaged droid on the Ebon Hawk.
Your Eyes Can Deceive You : Learn Force Sight.

Alternate menu

After completing the game your character will appear on the main menu.

Alternate dialogue

Successfully complete the game two times, once with a Light side ending and again with a Dark side ending. Start the game a third time to have new dialogue choices appear during the game.








Recommended planet order

For less deaths, try this order: Datooine, Nar Shaadaa,Onderan, and Korriban.

Saving level progression

If you know that a difficult character or Boss is coming up and you are ready to level up, do not. Instead, level up while fighting if your health gets very low. This will restore all Vitality points and Force points, and will also give you an extra edge.

Open locked doors with mines

Throughout the game you will get Deadly Sonic Mine (ground) and similar mines. You can use these mines to open locked doors that you cannot open in the normal way. Plant the mine directly against the door and wait for a few seconds. The mine will explode and open the door. Its always a good idea to press [Recover] when you find these mines. Besides using them to open locked doors, they can also be sold for credits.

Faster movement

If you need to get somewhere fast, use Force Speed. Your non-Jedi companions will still be able to follow you and keep close.

Easy "Ancient History" achievement

Play as a female character. The Disciple can now be found at the Ruined Jedi enclave on Dantooine.

Easy "A Certain Set of Skills" achievement

Reach level 15 with your alignment far into either the Light or Dark side. Speak with Kreia to select a Prestige class.

Easy "Cupid's Rifle" achievement

As a male character, quickly get as many Light Side points as possible to have Visas join your party. Until both the Handmaiden and Visas are in your party, do not interact with either of them or take them off the ship. Save the game after both of them are in your party, as this will disqualify you from earning "Breaking the Oath". Speak with Visas on the ship and respond with everything that will increase her influence. Usually the Light Side choices will help. Then, leave the ship after Visas' influence is at least 20 to 30 points higher than the Handmaiden. When you return to the ship, a cinematic showing the Handmaiden and Visas arguing over you will begin. When you get HK in your party, speak to him and ask him about love.

Easy "Don't Get Cocky" achievement

Early in the game, when you are about to flee the Peragus Mining Facility, save the game when you enter the hangar with the Ebon Hawk. Then enter the Ebon Hawk to trigger a sequence that places you in control of a turret. Multiple Sith troops try to board the ship. Kill all of them. Consider using the keyboard (press A and D) instead of the mouse. The Sith troops will appear from multiple directions. Always target the ones that are nearest. Note: The entrance to the ship is found directly behind you. If you fail, reload the saved game and try again.

Easy "The First Rule..." achievement

After entering the Jedi Temple on Telos, ask any maiden for Battle Circle. Then, win three waves (1 vs. 1, 1 vs. 2, and finally 1 vs. 5). You can leave the arena or lose the sparring in the first or second rounds. You must win the 1 vs. 5 on your first attempt. If you lose or leave that third round, the maidens will not allow you to fight again. Save the game before attempting that round. Note: You do not have to fight all of them, because one of the rules states that they cannot leave the mat. Consider pushing them off the mat by walking into them. They will then become friendly. Turn on a Mandalorian melee shield, push one off, quick save, then repeat the process. If you lose a large amount of health, reload the saved game. To restore you health, use a medpack from your inventory.

Easy "I Didn't Do It!" achievement

Leave Peragus and tell Atton "Just do your best to keep your distance - we'll get out of this yet" Follow up by selecting "There's got to be another way. Keep evading them until we clear the field, and we'll try to jump to hyperspace" or with "No, someone may still be alive on the station" The Harbinger will then take out the planet for you.

Easy "It Was Like That When I Got Here!" achievement

Leave Peragus and tell Atton to "Fire on the asteroids - maybe the explosion will destroy them" to blow up the system.

Easy "In It For the Money" achievement

Once on Telos after leaving Peragus, find Dendis Dobo after getting back your possessions. Save the game. If you have not scavenged everything for components or chemicals, you can sell almost everything you have collected except for you needed weapons, armor, and other items to gain 10,000 credits. You can reload your saved game and continue.

Easy "Larger World" achievement

At the start of the game, get a Light side point before you get a Dark side point.

Easy "Laugh It Up, Fuzzball" achievement

Have Dark alignment and travel to Nar Shaddaa immediately after Telos to recruit Hanharr. Always keep him in your party. Bring him to Dxun and Onderon, and do not do any of the side quests on Nar Shaddaa until you have him in your party. He will gain no influence on Korriban and only a few difficult ones on Dantooine. Always save the game before talking to Hanharr, and reload if you make a mistake and lose influence with him. When speaking to him, call him weak. Tell him his heinous acts were justified because his victims were weak. Never be nice to him or show mercy or concern. Hanharr respects strength and detests the weak and innocent. Kill innocent or weak victims for a quick boost. Actions that are the most evil or result in the most bloodshed are usually the best choice. You must have full influence with Hanharr before you can break him.

Easy "Lost Girl" achievement

Mira can be recruited near the end of your visit to Nar Shaddaa. You must be of either Neutral or Light alignment.

Easy "Lost in Your Work" achievement

Have a high Repair and Computer skill and have good influence with T3. You can gain influence with T3 by always being polite when you speak to him and thanking him for his work. Because T3 can be fully influenced by only conversation, there is no need to have him being in your party except when the plot requires it. When on the Ebon Hawk, talk to T3 and repair him to increase his stats. When the last repair is made, you will earn "Lost in Your Work" and gain some Force points. Note: The final repair will require your Repair and Computer skills to be in the mid-20 range.

Easy "Never Tell Me the Odds" achievement

Have a deck entirely consisting of +/- 3 and above cards, then fill the extra slots with -4, -5 and -6 cards. Play a negative card every time it is very close to 20 or over 20.

Easy "Nothing Personal" achievement

You must rescue Jedi Master Vrook. Do not fight him when you rescue him from the mercenaries in the crystal cave. When leaving the cave, tell Azkul that you will help him. Pretend to help Khoonda, but instead disable the turrets, paralyze the people in the med-bay, and have the droids to defend the hostiles. You can ignore the mines. Tell Zherron that the battle preparations are ready. When out front with him, do not offer to help him with troop allocation or anything else; just say that you are ready. If done correctly, the battle will be skipped and Azkul will confront you. When he asks you to move aside so he can get to the admin, tell him "She means nothing to me".

Easy "Orphan White" achievement

Play as a male character to recruit Handmaiden after landing on your first planet, when you meet Atris on Telos.

Easy "Pet Rock" achievement

The named lightsaber crystal is found in the Crystal Cave on Dantooine. In the furthest part of the cave are several Kinrath and a Kinrath queen. Defeat them to find the crystal in a deposit in the center of the room. You will have better success if Kreia is in your party when you find the crystal.

Easy "Pure Pazaak" achievement

Prepare by defeating the other members of the Pazaak den, the droid, the Twi'lek girl and the Dunarian.

  • To defeat the droid, either defeat her in a game or repair her. If you have a low Repair skill, have Bao-dur in your party and he can do it.
  • To defeat the Twi'lek girl, she will lose on purpose while flirting with a male character. If you are playing a female character, have Atton in your party. After she becomes rude to you, she will flirt with him and allow you to win.
  • The Dunarian is skilled and must be defeated three times or persuaded to go outside where he will get killed by thugs.

When facing the champion, you can either use Persuade or Force Persuade to convince him to lose once to see how it feels, or win through a normal game.

Easy "Short Circuit" achievement

You must install the Pacifist Protocols module. To acquire it, when on Nar Shadda you will meet two merchants, Oondar and Geeda. While speaking to them, go back and forth negotiating discounts. Oondar will eventually ask you to get rid of Geeda. After speaking to Geeda again, you can chase her out, agree on a discount, or listen to her proposal of expanding her inventory. The inventory expansion choice is a Light side gain, but unlocks many items in her inventory. This is the best choice, no matter what alignment you are. After siding with Geeda and running off Oondar, her shop stock will improve each time a planet is completed by finishing its main storyline and meeting and learning from the Jedi Master at that location. After Dantooine and Duxn have been completed, return to Geeda and unlock them both. Her inventory will upgrade and now feature the Pacifist Protocol. Take it to HK-47 on your ship to improve its stats and earn

Easy "Starting Down the Dark Path" achievement

During your first conversation with Kreia, answer "Just stay out of my way, or you'll end up like one these corpses." to begin on the Dark Side path. "Short Circuit".

Easy "Training Wheels" achievement

Do not skip the prologue. Progress until you have T3 plot a course for Peragus.

Easy "The Walking Carpet" achievement

Have Dark alignment before visiting Nar Shaddaa to receive Hanharr instead of Mira.

Easy "Your Eyes Can Deceive You" achievement

Increase your influence with Visas by being kind to her and to other people. You can gain influence with Visas and Atton from both cruel acts and kind ones, depending on the target. After you earn a few influence points, ask her about her sight, and she will show you the "Force Sight".


Duplicate items

After asking Handmaiden to duel, wait until just before she is hostile (when the HP bar and all the other onscreen indicators appear) and pause game play. Equip anything desired and resume the game. She will turn hostile and attack you with whatever you want equipped. If she says "Enemies surround us. Now is not the time for words" or you take a little damage without being attacked by her, you have done this correctly. This may require several attempts. If she says "You have violated the terms of our duel" and the duel stops, try again. If it is successful, you can actually kill her. Whatever is equipped shows up as remains. If you look at the character screen instead of her name and portrait, it shows "I am broken; so very very broken". You can leave the Ebon Hawk and return to find her still there. She will have equipped what she had before, even if you pulled it off of her remains. You can duplicate items by dueling her repeatedly and keep raiding the remains. You can equip the most expensive items you have on her then keep selling them to make lots of money.

Stuck in Telos academy

When you just enter the secret academy on Telos and dialog has been initiated, for the first answer do not choose the statement "All right-we mean no harm". The dialog will automatically be cut out. Your companions will not be sent to the prison in the academy and you will be unable leave. Because of this you cannot get them to go with you, and you cannot leave without them. This happens in v2.10.427 and earlier.


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