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Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic 2 - The Sith Lords (PC)

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Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes


Alternate menu

After completing the game your character will appear on the main menu.

Alternate dialogue

Successfully complete the game two times, once with a Light side ending and again with a Dark side ending. Start the game a third time to have new dialogue choices appear during the game.








Recommended planet order

For less deaths, try this order: Datooine, Nar Shaadaa,Onderan, and Korriban.

Saving level progression

If you know that a difficult character or Boss is coming up and you are ready to level up, do not. Instead, level up while fighting if your health gets very low. This will restore all Vitality points and Force points, and will also give you an extra edge.

Open locked doors with mines

Throughout the game you will get Deadly Sonic Mine (ground) and similar mines. You can use these mines to open locked doors that you cannot open in the normal way. Plant the mine directly against the door and wait for a few seconds. The mine will explode and open the door. Its always a good idea to press [Recover] when you find these mines. Besides using them to open locked doors, they can also be sold for credits.

Faster movement

If you need to get somewhere fast, use Force Speed. Your non-Jedi companions will still be able to follow you and keep close.


Duplicate items

After asking Handmaiden to duel, wait until just before she is hostile (when the HP bar and all the other onscreen indicators appear) and pause game play. Equip anything desired and resume the game. She will turn hostile and attack you with whatever you want equipped. If she says "Enemies surround us. Now is not the time for words" or you take a little damage without being attacked by her, you have done this correctly. This may require several attempts. If she says "You have violated the terms of our duel" and the duel stops, try again. If it is successful, you can actually kill her. Whatever is equipped shows up as remains. If you look at the character screen instead of her name and portrait, it shows "I am broken; so very very broken". You can leave the Ebon Hawk and return to find her still there. She will have equipped what she had before, even if you pulled it off of her remains. You can duplicate items by dueling her repeatedly and keep raiding the remains. You can equip the most expensive items you have on her then keep selling them to make lots of money.

Stuck in Telos academy

When you just enter the secret academy on Telos and dialog has been initiated, for the first answer do not choose the statement "All right-we mean no harm". The dialog will automatically be cut out. Your companions will not be sent to the prison in the academy and you will be unable leave. Because of this you cannot get them to go with you, and you cannot leave without them. This happens in v2.10.427 and earlier.


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Saved game file: Level 50 character, unlimited credits, extra items by AZGUNS

Trainer: +3 v1.0b (v2.1.0.0) by Psych

Trainer: All movies unlocked by TNT

Trainer: +7 by aSx