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Starcraft: Brood War (PC)

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Press [Enter] during game play, type one of the following codes, and press [Enter] again to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
Build anything modify the phase variance
Continue after mission completed staying alive
Enable mission select1 ophelia
Everything upgraded something for nothing
Faster building and instant upgrades operation cwal
Free upgrades to units medieval man
Full map black sheep wall
Ignore supply limit when building units food for thought
Indestructible buildings and ships power overwhelming
Lose game game over man
Minerals and gas increased by 10,000 show me the money.
Minerals increased by 500 whats mine is mine
Mission skip3 there is no cow level
Opponent has no psionics noglues
Protoss mission select protoss<mission number>
Remove fog of war war aint what it used to be
Terran mission select terran<mission number>
Unlimited psionic ability the gathering
Vespene gas increased by 500 breathe deep
Win game man over game
Zerg mission select zerg<mission number>
Zerg song2 radio free zerg

1. This code must be enabled before the other mission selection codes are used.
2. Play as the Zerg before enabling this code.
3. This code is a reference to the secret Cow level in Diablo 2.

, , , , , and


Zerg secret level

Successfully complete level 9, "The Reckoning", in under twenty minutes to unlock a secret level. Unfortunately it does not permanently appear on the level list. Save at the start of the secret level in order to easily play it again.


Nuke neutral animals

Keep selecting a neutral animal (Kakaru, Rhyadon, Scantid, Ursadon, Bangalass, Or Ragnasaur) repeatedly until a nuke falls on them. They should make up to fifteen sounds before they die.

Hear different unit phrases

Select a unit four times. Select it again to hear a different phrase. This may be done on every ground unit, air unit, and heroes. Depending on type, four to seven different phrases may be heard.

Use a Terran tank and get a hundred kills. He will start singing a portion of "1812 Overture" by Tchaikovsky.

Protecting your base

Build four or five Bunkers around the base and build four Missile Turrets each sides of a Bunker. Then, build three Siege Tanks and place them at the top of a Bunker. Finally, place four Ghosts at the Bunker.

Extra units

In the bonus level, after level 9 of the Zerg, destroy the cells in which the Protoss and Zerg are held the obtain High Teplars and Archons.

Destroying Siege Tanks

Get a large group of Dragoons (nine to twelve), and they can easily overpower Siege Tanks.

Get a unit that has to get close to another unit to attack, such as a Zergling. They can take out a Siege Tank because tanks can only attack units that are far away.

As the Zerg, create a Zerg Queen and upgrade its Spawn Broodling ability. Use it on a Siege Tank.

As Terran, create a Terran Ghost and upgrade its Cloak and Lockdown abilities. Infiltrate an enemy base using Cloak and use Lockdown on a Siege Tank to destroy it.

As the Protoss, create a Protoss High Templar and upgrade its Psionic Storm ability. Use it on a Siege Tank.

Note: This works best with the Protoss. Create a Shuttle and put one or two Zealots in it. At the middle of a large group of Siege Tanks, drop the Zealots. The Siege Tank's splash damage will kill the surrounding tanks as well.

Ghost survives Nuclear Missile launches

To have your Ghost live after launching a Nuke, look at the red dot at the target. When it goes away, move the Ghost away. The Nuke will no longer require guidance, so it will not abort.

All units structures of Protoss, Terran, and Zerg

Go to a custom game and play as the Protoss. When you have gotten too the point where you can afford to make two Dark Templars, create them. Merge them and research the mind control capability at the Templar archives. Take your new Dark Archon and use the mind control on either an enemy drone or a SCV. Now you can use them to build Zerg and Terran units and structures.

Attack cloaked unit

You can often see a shimmering shape moving across the screen. However, you cannot have you units directly attack it. You can still attack a cloaked unit indirectly by using a Templar or Infested Kerrigan to launch a Psionic Storm at it. This works well on Observers.

Interfering with CPU mineral production

Note: This trick works best when playing as the Protoss and SCVs and Drones are used. Build a Pylon with Cannons near an enemy base, but not in it or near its mineral production. Get a Probe and attack their base, unless it is a suicide mission. Immediately after that, run to your cannons and watch the enemy workers die. If you do this rapidly enough, eventually they will quit making workers and just sit there.

Extra Broodlings

When playing as the Zerg, enable the show me the money code, or have a lot of Queens. You can keep using spawn Broodlings on other Broodlings. In a short time you can have 50 Broodlings, and attack. Use this trick when your opponent only has an infantry.

Quick start for Protoss

First, get the first four Probes to start gathering. After doing this, build five more Probes and put all of them to work except for the fifth. This is the one you will use to start your building. Once all Probes are built, build two Pylons, preferably close together. After completion of the Pylons build two Gateways and proceed to start pumping out Zealots. After you have maxed out at 33, build more Pylons, By now you should have a big enough force to hold off the first round of attacks, However, remember to keep building Zealots to replenish destroyed ones.

Easy attack on enemy bases as Protoss

Play as the Protoss and mine enough minerals so that you can build multiple (three to five) Arbitors and place them around key locations, enemy bases, or places that you would normally need a shuttle to get to. When you build units, you can use the Arbitors' "recall" ability to get your units where you need them much faster than it would take to use shuttles or move on foot.

To infiltrate an enemy base and destroy it quickly, accumulate plenty of Vespene Gas. Create an Arbiter and many High Templars. Upgrade the Arbiter's Recall (and Khaydarin Core for additional energy). Merge two High Templars into powerful Archons that have a total life of 360. Command the Arbiter inside the enemy base and use Recall on your Archons. Note: Bring a Protoss Observer to detect Terran Wraiths, Zerg Lurkers, and Protoss Dark Templars.

To win easily with Protoss enable the black sheep wall, power overwhelming, food for thought, modify the phase variance, and show me the money codes. Then, send one probe to build Pylon, then a Gateway. Make Dark Templars and send them to attack the players. Note: This is for custom games.

Easy wins

When you start, make the Star Gate as fast as possible. Do not bother with any ground units. Then, build Carriers and upgrade their attack, defense, and the number of Intersecters they can hold. Build at least four to five Star Gates and as many Carriers as possible. In a few minutes you have an army that is almost invincible.

Fast Zerglings

Have your four starting Drones start harvesting. Build only one more Drone. When it hatches, have it harvest. Wait until you get 200 minerals, then build a Spawning Pool. When you get 50 minerals, make a Drone, then another. When you get 100 minerals, make an Overlord. You should have 6 Drones, about 150 minerals, and 2 Overlords when your Pool is done. This takes about two to three minutes and all comps will fall to you, even the hardest ones.

Invisible Zerg units

Play as the Protoss. Get an Arbitor and a burrowable unit such as a Drone or Zergling. Burrow the unit, patrol the Arbitor so the unit cloaks and uncloaks, and with great timing, unburrow just when the unit gets to the edge where it starts to cloak. If timed correctly, you will have the unit cloaked. Note: Burrowing the unit again wears off the effect.

Defeat an enemy quickly with Terrans

Bring in a SCV behind an enemy's base and build a Barracks. Start cranking out the units and attack. If you cannot get one, then build a Barracks and then fly it over behind the mineral field in a moving city tactic.

Get ten SCVs. Make a supply depot as soon as possible. Make a Barrack and a Bunker. Place five Marines. Later make a semi-circle around the enemy base with Siege Tanks and attack inside with Fire Bats and other units.

Scout without losing people

Create two Dark Templars and have them merge. Then, research the Mind Control and find a creature. Use the Mind Control on the creature and use it as a scout. You will not lose anyone.

Saving money

If you run out of Minerals, move the Command Center to a mineral field. Bring an SCV to the back of the mineral field. Build a Barracks, crank out the units and attack. Click on a Barracks then press M for marines and F for firebots. Click on an SCV. Click "Build" then press B for Bunker, S for Supply Depot, and T for Turrets.

Legacy of the Xel'Naga (Protoss Level 4 Brood War)

First, build everything possible to complete your base. Make sure you have a lot of Protoss Cannons surrounding your base to fend off Zerg being transported by Overlords. When you base runs out of minerals and gas, head northwest and start a new one there. Since the entire island is surrounded by Spore Colonies, you need Corsairs, Shuttles and Dark Templars. Fill at least two shuttles with Dark Templars and send the Corsairs to do their "special disruption" on two or three Spore Colonies. Next, unload the Templars on the island. Since they are invisible, slowly take out the Spore Colonies. Usually Queens will splatter green liquid on them, making them go slower and become visible -- be careful of Hydralisks and Zerglings attacking them. When you destroy all the Spores, send over a Probe and build two Pylons, five Photon Cannons and a Gateway on the island in an empty location. The Photon Cannons will kill the Hydralisks and Overlords that approach. Then, get the Corsairs to use disruption on the Sunken Colonies and the Hive. Next, send in as many Dark Templars and Dragoons as you can to take out the Sunken Colonies, then the Hive. After you destroy one half of the island, the rest will be easy.

Starcraft reference

When you annoy an Archon, it says "Power overwhelming", which refers to a cheat code from StarCraft..

Warcraft 2 reference

When you make a Corsair it says "It is a good day to die", which refers to a cheat code from WarCraft 2 abbreviations

The following are abbreviations used on, and what they mean:
, , , and

ac: Allied chat on
bc: Battlecrusier
bs: Newbies
ct: Come to...
dd: Don't die
dl: Download, don't leave
dt: Dark Templar
gg: Good game
gl: Good luck, get lost
glhf: Good luck, have fun
goons: Dragoons
gw: Good work
hf: High five
ig2g: I got to go
inshh: I need some help here
lings: Zerglings
rj: Rejoin
rm: Re-make (remake the map)
rm: Remake
tvb: Top vs. bottom
uad: Your ally(s) died
ugad: Your guys' ally died
ugd: Your guy died
ugl: You guys lose
ul: You loose
ums: Use map settings


Flying Templar

Make two Dark or High Templars and tell them to merge. Just as they are about to merge, hold [Shift] and right-click where you want them to go.

Stacking Zerg

Get a burrowing unit as the Zerg (a Drone, Hydra, or Zergling recommended). Control one of the units and have it burrow. Then select the rest of the units and press U, then [Ctrl] + 1, then 1 again. Finally press U quickly, but not so fast that you press two keys at once. If done correctly, the other Hydras should be burrowed but still have commands such as attack and move. Or, if you move a hydra through the burrowed units, the burrow image (the black scribble like symbol that indicates the unit is burrowed there) should stay on top of the Hydra while it is passing through it. After that, simply select the burrowed Hydras, and not the first Hydra that you used with [Ctrl] + 1, and move them. They should just look like unburrowed Hydras. Then, move them on top of each other to stack them.

Archon that can move in stasis field

Make an Ice Archon/Dark Archon. To do this, you will need two Templars/Dark Templars and an Arbitor. Merge the two Templars/Dark Templars and wait for it to become ready to complete the merge. Do not let the merge complete. Just when it is about to complete the merge, make a stasis field on the merging Archon with your Arbitor. This may be difficult to do. If done correctly, you will have an Archon that can move around and attack with the stasis field. Note: You cannot move around and attack if you put the stasis field around the Archon after the merge is complete or on any other units.

Float a Drone

You must have less than 100 Minerals. Hot key a Drone and a Larva (hold [Ctrl] + 1 on a Drone and hold [Ctrl] + 2 on a Larva). Then, have your drone go away from a Vespean Geyser. Have the Drone build an Extractor. Before it gets there, hold [Shift] and click anywhere on your mini-map. After you hold [Shift] and move it, hurry and build a Drone with the Larva. The Drone building the Extractor will not have enough ore to complete it, and will go anywhere you command it.

Artanis dialogue

Artanis will say that he is not worthy of speaking Tassadar's name, however he says "En Taro Tassadar" several times throughout the game.


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