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Starships Unlimited v3

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Press [Home] then enter one of the following codes. Press [Home] again to activate the corresponding cheat function. The sound of a cash register will confirm correct code entry.

Effect Code
+$500 coin
100% Combat Experience artifact combat
Advanced Research artifact advanced
Best Armor artifact armor
Best Computer artifact computer
Best Drive artifact drive
Best Fighters artifact fighters
Best Generator artifact gen
Best Shields artifact shields
Fold Drive artifact fold
Instant Colony Ship artifact colony
Instant Population artifact pop
Instant Recharge artifact charge
Instant Repairs artifact repair
Instant Research artifact research
Instant Starship artifact ship
Invincible Shields artifact ishields
Killer Beam artifact kbeam
Planet Killer artifact pkiller
Ram Shields artifact ram
Upsize Starship artifact upsize
Random artifact other than those that have codes special
Set AI skill level to 1 (Easiest) level1
Set AI skill level to 2 (Easy) level2
Set AI skill level to 3 (Normal) level3
Set AI skill level to 4 (Hard) level4
Set AI skill level to 5 (Hardest) level5

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