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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Start a game, then pause game play. Tap quickly six times anywhere that is not a button, pausing about one second between presses. The word "Cheater" will be spoken to confirm correct code entry. You will gain $50,000 money, 50 prisoners, and 5,000 more maximum health. The code can be repeated as desired.
suwii wmiby d, e are, hlgut


Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
suwii wmiby d, e are, hlgut

Big Money (10 points): Save $50,000.
Century of StickWars (40 points): Complete level 100 on any difficulty.
Effortless Slaughter (10 points): Train 100 archers.
Fireball Spammer (5 points): Train 50 wizards.
Forced Labor (5 points): Train 50 repairmen.
Half Century of StickWars (20 points): Complete level 50 on any difficulty.
Just Beginning (5 points): Complete level 1 on any difficulty.
Learning Fast (5 points): Complete level 5 on any difficulty.
Legendary Warrior (30 points): Complete level 50 on hard difficulty.
Never Give Up (10 points): Complete level 40 on any difficulty.
Power Spellcaster (10 points): Train 100 wizards.
Rain of Arrows (5 points): Train 50 archers.
Simple Victory (10 points): Complete level 50 on easy difficulty.
Sugar Daddy (5 points): Save $10,000.
Thriving Industry (10 points): Train 100 repairmen.
Typical Hero (20 points): Complete level 50 on medium difficulty.
Wall St Aint Got Nothin (20 points): Save $200,000.


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