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Stick Arena Ballistick

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Cheat Codes

Determine enemy distance

Press ~ to display how close you are to an item. Press ~ again to show a player name and how close they are to you.



The number of hits needed to kill while using a particular weapon is as follows.

Fist: 12 hits to kill.
Glock: 5 Hits to kill.
Ak-47: 6 hits to kill.
Shotgun: 3 Hits to kill.
Sword: 8 Hits to kill.
Baseball bat: 4 Hits to kill.
Sledge Hammer: 1 Hit to kill.
Railgun: 2 hits to kill.
Flamethrower: 6 hits to kill.
Mini Gun: 8 hits to kill.
Chainsaw: 3 Hits to kill.
Tesla Helmet: 10 hits to kill.
Laser Sword: 6 Hits to kill.

Easy kills

In floor thirteen, go to the Glock room. Grab the Glock, then stand at the back wall of that Glock room. When someone comes up the hallway, shoot them. Sometimes they may not even see you.

Leveling up

Create a private game. Make a name that people will not find, then start it alone. Remain there for five minutes, until the game is over. You will be in first place all the time and rank up easily.