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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Enter HEYZEUS!!!! as a user name to get 555 Stats and 10,000 to start the game.


Save money

Start with your intelligence at maximum, then get a job and keep getting promotions until you are the CEO. Do not increase anything else or do anything else until you are Ceo with an intelligence level of 250. Then, stop increasing intelligence until you get a penthouse with a television. Watch the news until you have about 330 intelligence. You can then hot wire the car. The car is like the skateboard except faster and cooler.

Easy money

First, start a bank account. You do not need much, but the more the better. Next, go into your apartment and sleep for a few days. The interest in the bank will earn money slowly. The more money you have, the more you will receive. This is very useful if you are trying to get a few stats. Buy the items that raise all of the stats when you sleep. Each night you sleep, you will get better.

Get an alarm clock ($200) and caffeine pills. You will be able to work four times a day. For a CEO this results in $2,400 per day. Note: This is also how you get a bus ride.

Save the game, then play blackjack. Bet all your money. If you lose, refresh and try again. Save the game each time you win more money.

Note: While playing blackjack is an easy way to get money, it takes a long time to click the chips to bet. Instead, do not click them. Press [Tab] until the 500 chip is selected then hold [Enter] for a faster method.

Build up a lot of money from your job or any other method and save your game. Go to the casino and bet all of your money on any of the games (Blackjack recommended) and try to win. If you win, it doubles your current money. If you have $250,000 and win, you can immediately buy your castle. If you lose, refresh the screen and try again. Note: When you have a high money rate, it may require a lot of clicks and patience. The highest betting number per click is 500. If you have about $100,000 to $500,000, it may take about two minutes just to click the button enough times.

When you are a CEO or any other job, deposit all the money you make in the bank at the end of every day. This means that while your making money during the day, your already-made money is getting even larger.

Once you have the computer and are able to buy and sell stocks, let the value of any stock go down to $1 (the lowest it can go). Then, buy as much stocks as you can. Try to use just about all of your money. Once the value goes up from $1 slightly, sell all the stocks.

When you have got caffeine pills, the alarm clock, high charm, and the gun, keep going to the bank and rob it.

When playing blackjack and doing the bet all your money trick, press [Tab] and keep hitting it until you get to the 500 chip. Then, hold [Enter] to max out your money much faster.

Note: To ante up your money faster during the blackjack trick, just press [Tab] three times, then hold [Enter]. You will see your money go down fast and your ante go up quickly.

Get the title of CEO at New Lines Corp. Then, work to get a lot of money. Next, start a bank account and put all your money in it. Work until you get at least $10,000 and put it in there. Repeat this each time you earn $10,000 or more. The money will gain interest overnight.

Get a job as the CEO. Make about $10,000 to $50,000. Put that money into the bank. Sleep for 100 days and you can get some money. If you sleep for 1,000 days you should have $1,000,000 or more. Note: It will take about one hour to reach 1,000 days.
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Get about $1,000 and go to the bar. Buy a lot of beers for $30 each until you have no more money remaining. Go to the sales commodity until you find someone that will buy the beer. Sell it to them, then go back home.

Keep killing people in the bar. Every time you win they get more difficult. The harder they get, the more money you will win. Eventually the money will become so good it will be better than working as CEO.

Enable the HEYZEUS!!!! code. Hot wire the car then get C.E.O. Rob the bank and the slushie store until you have about $10,000. Then, buy as much cocaine ($400 each) as possible. Make sure you have no less than $100. Go to the buses, then to the first city on the bottom left corner. Keep selling drugs. Note: Have less than 40 grams or you will get caught by the police.

Deposit all your money or buy enough items to where you have no money. Then, rob the bank.

Enable the HEYZEUS!!! code. Get enough to get the penthouse and buy all the stat raising items when you sleep. Then, sleep until the 365th day. Your stats should be very high, you will have a lot of money if you invested it in the bank, and you will have a red convertible.

Become the president and sleep until Day 2,000. You will have a lot of money.

Use the following trick for easy money and decreased Karma. Buy 20 pieces of cocaine from the person besides the pawn shop. Make sure every time you wake up it is midnight so you could catch up to the bus. Go to Los Angeles and sell the cocaine you bought for easy money. It is possible that your stick will be red.

Get a gun and bullets. Borrow $1,000 from the bank and drink it away. You should have about 100 Charm when done. Rob $1,500 to pay off the bank, then rob more money so you can study enough to become CEO. You can now get a lot of money.

Bet all your money and if you lose, just quit. Select "Continue" and you have all your money back.

Start a new game. Go to the bank get a loan of a $1,000. Save it, then play blackjack. Bet all the money. If you lose, refresh the page. If you won, pay off the bank.

Enable the HEYZEUS!!! code. Get exactly $14,145 and go to the cocaine store. You should already have an alarm clock. Spend $14,000 buying cocaine. Sleep and go to the bus. Note: You also need a knife, cell phone, 95 ammo, and a gun. Go to Los Angeles and take the money.

Go into the bank and enter "1e24" in the withdraw/deposit box. Press "Deposit" many times to get over $1 million.


  • While doing Commodities, before you leave the bus station to sell, make sure you have a gun with 99 ammunition. Also make sure that you pump up Strength and Charm and lower your Karma

for extra safety.

  • When you go to sell Commodities, take beer and cocaine so you are almost sure to sell something. Note: Do not take too much.


When doing the darts, go for the lighter dart board.

Skateboard tricks

When you have a skateboard and want to do a trick, hold [Shift] and press [Left], [Right], and [Up].


Start out with unlimited intelligence and get the job of the CEO. Follow the first car cheat and get to day 381. Then, press C and you should be in a red convertible.

When it is day 365 you should have a convertible. Do not just sleep for the sake of it.

Sleep for an entire year (until it is on the 365th day) in Unlimited mode. You will get a message from programmer. Accept it and take the $20,000 option. You will also get a red sports car whether you hotwired the other car or not.

Red car

If you get over $500 you will get a new car.

President or Dictator

When it is 2,000 days and you have a castle and lots of money (200,000), you should be invited to have an election.

For Dictator, have $200,000, Karma -100, 850+ Stats, CEO, and a castle ($500,000). For President, have $200,000, Karma 100, 750+ Stats, CEO, and a castle ($500,000).

Changing colors

, ,

Purple: Win a lot of bar fights.
White: Become President.
Red: Rob banks.
Blue: Start of game.
Pink Fushia: Win bar fights and sell cocaine and booze.

Kill kid on the corner

Keep giving the kid on the corner of the street cigarettes. He will eventually die from too much smoke inhalation.


If you are trying to sleep very quickly, press [Tab] twice, [Enter], [Tab], [Enter] and repeat.

Good karma

Go to the bum by the bar and keep giving him money. You will get good karma in return.

Increasing skills

Buy several caffeine pills from the "Slushee Shop" or the "Funky-Town Five-O Convenience Store". You also need to own a castle. With the castle owned by you, watch any of these for a full two days to get 750+ for each skill (a requirement for President).

Dating Channel (Charm +2)
News Channel (Intelligence +2)
Fitness Channel (Strength +2)

Funny messages

Whenever your stickman gets run over by a car, he will get one of three messages. One is from Sticknews, another from You Hit, They Run law agency, and the final one is is from Cash for Skidmarks' Inc.

Give the boy who wants smoke exactly ten of them. He will die and you will get a message from a detective.


Strategy: by Kallum Parr

Strategy: by GameGod

Strategy: Hacking by GameGod