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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Start a game, then pause game play. Tap quickly six times anywhere that is not a button, pausing about one second between presses. The word "Cheater" will be spoken to confirm correct code entry. You will gain $50,000 money, 50 prisoners, and 5,000 more maximum health. The code can be repeated as desired.
amrhi r, le, sb egnitr


Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
amrhi r, le, sb egnitr

Big Money (10 points): Save $50,000.
Century of StickWars (40 points): Complete level 100 on any difficulty.
Effortless Slaughter (10 points): Train 100 archers.
Fireball Spammer (5 points): Train 50 wizards.
Forced Labor (5 points): Train 50 repairmen.
Half Century of StickWars (20 points): Complete level 50 on any difficulty.
Just Beginning (5 points): Complete level 1 on any difficulty.
Learning Fast (5 points): Complete level 5 on any difficulty.
Legendary Warrior (30 points): Complete level 50 on hard difficulty.
Never Give Up (10 points): Complete level 40 on any difficulty.
Power Spellcaster (10 points): Train 100 wizards.
Rain of Arrows (5 points): Train 50 archers.
Simple Victory (10 points): Complete level 50 on easy difficulty.
Sugar Daddy (5 points): Save $10,000.
Thriving Industry (10 points): Train 100 repairmen.
Typical Hero (20 points): Complete level 50 on medium difficulty.
Wall St Aint Got Nothin (20 points): Save $200,000.


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