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Storm Attack

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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
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Architect (50 points): Beat the developers’ secret score.
Artist (10 points): Get 30 Color Clears in a single game.
Astronaut (10 points): Make 1000 stars in a single game.
Backwards (10 points): Get 10 Full Clears before getting any Color Clears.
Bottom Feeder (10 points): Perform a Color Clear that occupies the bottom 2 rows.
Controlled Demolition (20 points): Get 1,000 Full Clears across your career.
Deconstructor (25 points): Clear 75,000 blocks across your career.
Efficiency (45 points): Reach level 10 while making every clear a Row Clear, Color Clear, Full Clear, or combination.
Executioner (40 points): Destroy 1500 blocks in a single game.
Exterminator (10 points): Get 20 Full Clears in a single game.
Favorite Color (10 points): Make all of your first 10 Color Clears from the same color.
Frantic (15 points): Get 6 Full Clears before reaching level 2.
Gambler (30 points): Get a 7x Row Clear.
Graduation (5 points): View all beginner tips.
Half-Off (10 points): Get a Full Clear of EXACTLY 27 blocks.
I Beat The Game! (40 points): Reach level 10.
Jackpot (20 points): Score 50,000 points in a single clear.
Meteor Storm (10 points): Clear 100 rows in a single game.
Millionaires’ Club (40 points): Score 1,000,000 points in a single game.
Neat Freak (10 points): Separate the colors on each half of the screen, EXACTLY 4 rows up.
One Shot, One Clear (45 points): Reach level 10 without losing ammo.
One Way Street (15 points): Get a 3x Row Clear in which all the crescents fly in the same direction.
Perseverance (30 points): Score 50,000,000 points across your career.
Pick and Choose (45 points): Reach level 10 without gaining ANY Row Clears, Color Clears, or Full Clears.
Quick Reload (10 points): Gain 2 ammo on back-to-back clears.
Rainbow (5 points): Get 1 Color Clear.
Shoot the Moon (5 points): Get 1 Row Clear.
Sniper (10 points): Clear 30 single blocks in the same game.
Spectral Obliteration (20 points): Get 1,000 Color Clears across your career.
Storm Master (10 points): Get a Color Clear, Full Clear, and Row Clear during the same storm.
Storm Sandwich (10 points): Get 3 separate Row Clears within 3 seconds of each other.
Surgical Destruction (15 points): Clear 750 rows across your career.
Survivor (45 points): Survive for 20 minutes.
Triple Witch (10 points): Get a Full Clear, Color Clear, and Row Clear (3x min points) within 3 seconds of each other.
Where’d they go? (5 points): Get 1 Full Clear.