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Super Laser Racer (PC)

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Steam achievements

Follow the indicated steps to earn the corresponding Steam achievement. To view your achievement progress and stats, open the Steam client, select "Community", then search for the game hub for "Super Laser Racer (PC)". Click the "View Stats" option in the drop down list, then select the option that displays the achievements for your account.

Ace Pilot: Complete a lap without taking any damage.
Bomb Disposal: Destroy a Bomb before it explodes.
Bomber: Destroy an opponent with a Bomb.
Completist: Earn all the Special medals on all levels.
Defender: Use Shield to protect yourself from a Missile.
Eliminator: Win an Eliminator quick race.
Heat Seeker: Destroy an opponent with a Missile.
Hunter: Destroy multiple enemies in a race.
Kamikaze: Destroy an enemy in your death blast.
Major Laser: Destroy an opponent with a Laser.
Mastery: Special medal for Super tournament (Hard).
Minefield Mayhem: Destroy an opponent with Mines.
Pacifist: Win a race without using a weapon.
Plasmaster: Destroy an opponent with a Plasma.
Sharp Shooter: Destroy an opponent with the Cannon.
Space Farer: Unlock all ships.
Specialist: Earn a Special medal.
Speed King: Win a race.
Survivor: Win a Survivor quick race.
Trophy Hunter: Unlock all tournaments (Hard).


Easy "Minefield Mayhem" achievement

Start a Survivor Race in Quick Race mode under the easy difficulty setting. Select "Gamma", then "Traztan", and use Octo. When the race begins, wait for the other cars to pass, then carefully slide up and down the starting hallway, using as many item boxes as possible. Lay as many mines as possible before the cars lap around. Note: You will be automatically eliminated from the race if your lap time exceeds 60 seconds, making it necessary for you to complete a lap occasionally. With enough mines placed in that hallway, a car will eventually be destroyed by one of them.

Easy "Space Farer" achievement

Complete a race with each of the ships.

Easy "Specialist" achievement

Special medals are awarded when you finish in first place in each of the four races in a tournament. However, you can pause game play during a race and "restart" it without losing your tournament progress. Do this when you are sure you cannot finish in first place. If you finish a race in less than first place or die, you cannot restart and must play the entire tournament again. Also consider entering the "Options" menu and setting the lap count of each race to 3.
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Easy "Trophy Hunter" achievement

Win a trophy in each of the tournaments.