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Super Laser Racer (PC)

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Steam achievements

Complete the following goals to earn the listed achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then search for the game hub that corresponds to "Super Laser Racer (PC)". Select the "View Stats" drop down option, then choose the option for your username's achievements.

Ace Pilot: Complete a lap without taking any damage.
Bomb Disposal: Destroy a Bomb before it explodes.
Bomber: Destroy an opponent with a Bomb.
Completist: Earn all the Special medals on all levels.
Defender: Use Shield to protect yourself from a Missile.
Eliminator: Win an Eliminator quick race.
Heat Seeker: Destroy an opponent with a Missile.
Hunter: Destroy multiple enemies in a race.
Kamikaze: Destroy an enemy in your death blast.
Major Laser: Destroy an opponent with a Laser.
Mastery: Special medal for Super tournament (Hard).
Minefield Mayhem: Destroy an opponent with Mines.
Pacifist: Win a race without using a weapon.
Plasmaster: Destroy an opponent with a Plasma.
Sharp Shooter: Destroy an opponent with the Cannon.
Space Farer: Unlock all ships.
Specialist: Earn a Special medal.
Speed King: Win a race.
Survivor: Win a Survivor quick race.
Trophy Hunter: Unlock all tournaments (Hard).