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Super Mega Worm (iPod/iPhone)

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New Game +

Successfully complete the game. Select "New Adventure" to start level 1 with all previously upgraded evolutions.

Time Attack mode

Successfully complete the game.

Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
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Southern Cooking (20 points): Eat x100 Billy Bobs.
Sausage Party! (10 points): Eat x100 Dudes.
Womanizer! (10 points): Eat x50 Women.
Cop Killer! (10 points): Eat x50 Horses.
Emu-burger (10 points): Eat x50 Emus.
Got Helium? (10 points): Eat x50 Balloon Boys.
My Tasty Pony (10 points): Eat x50 Horses.
I'm on TV! (20 points): Eat x50 Weather Balloon Boys.
Mile High Club! (20 points): Destroy x50 Planes.
Where's the ground? (20 points): Eat x50 Paratroopers.
Big Green Bird (30 points): Destroy x10 Military Planes.
The Final Frontier (10 points): Touch the sky!.
Space Snacks (30 points): Eat x50 Astronauts.
Earth Protector (20 points): Destroy x20 UFOs.
To the Moon and Beyond! (50 points): Eat the Moon!.
XMAS - Home Wrecker (20 points): Destroy 100 pathetic Gingerbread men Houses.
XMAS - Food from the Sky (10 points): Eat 100 Balloons Elves.
XMAS - Sweet Tooth (10 points): Rot your teeth with 50 candy canes.
XMAS - Jerk! (1 point): Eat the helpless Elf.
XMAS - Elven Feast (10 points): Eat 250 delicious elves.
XMAS - Cookie Monster (20 points): Eat 1000 frightened Gingerbread Men.
XMAS - Death from Below (10 points): Destroy 100 Mini Sleighs in the sky.
XMAS - Reindeer Food (10 points): Eat 50 Reindeer.
XMAS - Snow Cone (10 points): Destroy x50 Snowmen.

Additionally there are two secret achievements. Please submit more details about the unknown information.

Secret achievement (Unknown): Unknown.
Secret achievement (Unknown): Unknown.