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Super Monkey Ball 3D

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Monkey Fight characters

Complete the indicated task in Monkey Fight to unlock the corresponding character.

A-Baby: Complete Countdown series.
B-Jet: Win on all three stages in Quick Match mode.
C-AiAI: Spend 20 Play Coins at the character selection screen.
F-GonGon: Complete Hidden series.
P-YanYan: Complete the Super Fight series.
W-MeeMee: Complete the Basic series.
N-Jam: Win Mashup series.
R-Doctor: Win Bomb Rush series.

Monkey Race characters

Complete the indicated task in Grand Prix mode to unlock the corresponding character.

A-Baby: Finish second in Sky-Way.
B-Jet: Finish first in Mt. Tyrano.
C-AiAi: Finish first in Monkey Park.
F-GonGon: Finish third in Mt. Tyrano.
N-Jam: Finish first in Sky-Way.
P-YanYan: Finish second in Mt. Tyrano.
R-Doctor: Finish third in Sky-Way.
W-MeeMee: Finish second in Monkey Park.

Monkey Race cars

Beat the record of the indicated track in Trial mode to unlock the corresponding car.

Flying Carpet: Track 2 of Mt. Tyrano.
G Catepillar: Track 1 of Mt. Tyrano.
Kitana: Track 3 of Sky-Way.
Mini Shooter: Track 2 of Sky-Way.
Robotron: Track 1 of Sky-Way.
Super Tops: Track 3 of Mt. Tyrano.

Monkey Ball medals

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding medal.

Banana Medal: Find all bananas in a world without using a continue.
C-Medal: Complete a world and the bonus stage by using the Circle Pad.
M-Medal: Complete a world and bonus stage by using the Motion Sensor.

Mr. Magic

Spend 20 Play Coins in vehicle select screen. Note: You can collect Play Coins by leaving the 3DS in sleep mode and by taking it outside.

B-Jet Fight mode

Play as Aiai in White Cliffs against MeeMee, Baby, and YanYan and get first place.
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Monkey Ball collectibles

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding collectible.

Arabian Banana: Search in World 2-4.
Banana-phile: Earn Banana Medals for Worlds 1 though 7.
Banana-phobe: Complete a stage without collecting a single banana.
Buzzer Beater: Complete a stage with 00:00 time remaining.
Cliffhanger: Complete a stage after wasting approximately 25 seconds hanging close to an edge.
Giga Banana: Search in World 8-4.
Haunted Banana: Search in World 4-2.
Holy Banana: Search in World 6-4.
Jungle Banana: Search in World 1-8.
Red Hot Banana: Search in World 5-10.
Space Banana: Search in World 7-3.
Sticky Banana: Search in World 3-7.
Timekeeper: Complete a World where each stages were completed with the same amount of seconds remaining on the timer (decimals do not count).
Untouchable: Complete a World without making any shocking crashes against a wall.
World Challenger: Play Worlds 1 to 7.
World Master: Earn C-Medals and M-Medals for Worlds 1 through 7.




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