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Superbrothers: Sword And Sworcery EP (iPad)

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Walkthrough (iOS)


Recover health

Hold the "Shield" button during combat to slowly recover your health.

Summoning the Sylvan Sprites

Complete the indicated task at the listed locations.

Perilous Precipice: Play the Song of Sworcery and interact with the two rainbows in the sky.
Stolid Log Bridge: Play the Song of Sworcery and interact with the four pairs of trees on either side of the river.
Sheep's Meadow: Play the Song of Sworcery and interact with the sky just above the "oddly shaped stick overlooking the meadow."

Energy from fungi

Eat fungi to get energy to walk through all the lands and to summon sprites. They will randomly appear on the ground and resemble pixelated red rectangles. Tap once on a fungi and a circle will appear around it, the Traveler will approach it, collect it, and eat it.

Easy "#moar" achievement

Set the moon to first quarter or any other dark phase in the moon grotto. Go to the dream world and get next to the woodsman's hut. The well should glow red. Eat a mushroom then jump in it. Reach the end and slice the stag.


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