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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
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Apprentice Confectioner (50 points): Reach Level 10.
Beast Master (50 points): Buy 1 Mascot.
Candy Champ (50 points): Reach Level 30.
Candy Robot (100 points): Buy a Candy Bot Floor Decoration.
Experienced (50 points): Create Every Candy Once.
Fresh Paint (50 points): Buy 10 Wall Tiles.
Friendly (50 points): Give 10 Gifts to Friends.
Green Thumb (50 points): Buy 1 of Every Plant.
Growing (50 points): Expand Shop 4 times.
Journeyman Confectioner (50 points): Reach Level 20.
Kettle Bubble (50 points): Buy 5 Kettles.
King of the Castle (50 points): Expand Store to Maximum Size.
Mascot Maddness (50 points): Buy 4 Mascots.
Master Producer (50 points): Cook 1,000 Batches of Candy.
Productive (50 points): Cook 500 Batches of Candy.
The Midas Touch (50 points): Buy 5 Gem Items.
Trash Collector (50 points): Clean Up 1,000 Trash.
Treasure Trove (50 points): Have 10,000 Gold.
Warehouse (50 points): Have 20 Floor Decorations.