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Swing Golf Pangya 2nd Shot!

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This game is titled Super Swing Golf Season 2 in North America and Swing Golf Pangya 2nd Shot! in Japan.


Bonus items

Collect the indicated number of coins to unlock the corresponding bonus.

Max's Righteous Rider set: 84 coins.
Kooh's School Gym set: 84 coins.
Arin's Gothic set: 84 coins.
Brie: 87 coins.
Scout's Black Formal set: 90 coins.
Kooh's Little Fox Dress Up set: 90 coins.
Arin's Pangya Cafe set: 90 coins.
Hana's Fancy Frilled Dress: 93 coins.
Kooh's Pink Waitress set: 93 coins.
Arin's Superior set: 93 coins.
Lola's Midnight version: 96 coins.
Quma's Safari version : 96 coins.
Tiki's Sepia version: 96 coins.
Kooh's Kick Back At Home Set: 114 coins.
Arin's Dark Magable Set: 114 coins.
Kaz's Simple Tuxedo Set: 114 coins.
Hana's Papel Set: 117 coins.
Kaz's River Battle Set: 117 coins
Kooh's Fairy Dress Set: 117 coins.
Brie's Black Lace: 122 coins.
TitanBoo's Libera: 122 coins.
Arin's Relax At Home Set: 122 coins.
Kaz's Violet Parka Set: 122 coins
Max's Hayabusa Ninja costume: 141 coins.
Kooh's Mocchi costume: 141 coins.
Arin's Kasumi Ninja costume: 141 coins.
Cecilia's Demon Hunter costume: 150 coins.
Kooh's Ayane costume: 153 coins.
Max's Tecmobowl costume: 153 coins.

Sunlight Ring

Win all Vs. COM Tournament modes in stroke play. The Sunlight Ring adds +1 to all stats.
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Spinning Dolfini Phoenix

Win all Vs. COM Tournament modes in match play.