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TNA iMPACT! (Xbox 360)

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Complete the indicated task in Story mode to unlock the corresponding character in Exhibition mode. Note: Style Points accumulated in Exhibition mode will also count towards those rewards.
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Abyss: Defeat Abyss.
Brother Ray: Defeat Team 3D.
Don West: Accumulate 250,000 Style Points.
Eric Young: After getting partnered with Eric Young, win a Tag Team match with him.
Jay Lethal: Defeat Jay Lethal.
Jeff Jarrett: Complete Story mode.
Kevin Nash: Defeat Kevin Nash.
Senshi: Accumulate 200,000 Style Points.
Sonjay Dutt: Defeat Sonjay Dutt.
Tomko: Win the Tomko and AJ Styles Tag Team match.

Preset created wrestlers

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding created wrestler.

Afro Thunder: Accumulate 750,000 Style Points in the PlayStation3, Xbox 360 or Wii version.
Benny: Accumulate 350,000 Style Points.
Lenny: Accumulate 400,000 Style Points.
Suicide: Complete Story mode.


Reach the indicated amount of Style Points to unlock the corresponding move for created wrestlers.

Wheelbarrow Neckbreaker: 120,000 Style Points
Full Nelson Suplex: 130,000 Style Points
Basement Dropkick: 140,000 Style Points
Crotch Punch: 156,000 Style Points
Twisting Crossbody: 184,000 Style Points
Tornado DDT: 192,000 Style Points
The Book End: 200,000 Style Points
Eye Rake: 208,000 Style Points
Neckbreaker: 216,000 Style Points
Tailbreaker: 232,000 Style Points
The Cradle Shock: 240,000 Style Points
Jawbreaker: 240,000 Style Points
Leg Sweep: 252,000 Style Points
German Suplex: 268,000 Style Points
Dragon Suplex: 280,000 Style Points
The Border Toss: 290,000 Style Points
Atomic Drop: 312,000 Style Points
The Gore: 320,000 Style Points
Hurricanrana: 332,000 Style Points
Running Neckbrkr: 340,000 Style Points
The Gringo Killer: 360,000 Style Points
Mexican Head Scissors: 376,000 Style Points
Cutter: 388,000 Style Points
Hangman's Neckbreaker: 400,000 Style Points
Jackknife Powerbomb: 440,000 Style Points
Military Slam: 480,000 Style Points
Reverse DDT: 486,000 Style Points
Scorpion Death Drop: 518,000 Style Points
Muscle Buster: 520,000 Style Points
The Shell Shock: 550,800 Style Points
The Payoff: 560,000 Style Points
Sitout Powerbomb: 583,200 Style Points
Sonjay Cutter: 615,600 Style Points
The Steiner Recliner: 648,000 Style Points
The Styles Clash: 680,400 Style Points
The Stroke: 712,800 Style Points
The Unprettier: 745,200 Style Points
The Black Hole Slam: 777,600 Style Points
The Angle Slam: 842,400 Style Points
Canadian Destroyer: 940,000 Style Points


Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding arena.

Armory: Win all the U.S. Army Base matches in the Armory Arena.
England: Accumulate 420,000 Style Points.
Freedom Center: Win all your matches in the Freedom Center Arena.
Japan: Win all of your matches in Japan.
Mexico: Win the Gauntlet Match in Mexico.
Vegas: Win your match in the Vegas Arena.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

On Top of the World (5 points): Create a player in Story mode (Chapter 1).
Lucha Libre! (10 points): Win the Mexican Gauntlet Match in Story mode (Chapter 1).
Welcome to America (10 points): Defeat James Storm in Story mode (Chapter 2).
King of the Gauntlet (10 points): Win the Gauntlet Match in Story mode (Chapter 2).
Welcome to TNA! (15 points): Defeat Robert Roode in Story mode (Chapter 3).
Climbing the Ladder (15 points): Win two Tag Team matches in Story mode (Chapter 4).
5150 (20 points): Beat LAX in Story mode (Chapter 4).
It's About No Limits (20 points): Win three X Division matches in Story mode (Chapter 5).
He's Not Phenomenal (25 points): Defeat AJ Styles in Story mode (Chapter 5).
This Is Awesome! (30 points): Become the X Division Champion in Story mode (Chapter 5).
A Heavyweight Price (35 points): Win your first Heavyweight match in Story mode (Chapter 6).
The Bigger They Are... (45 points): Defeat Kevin Nash in Story mode (Chapter 6).
Start Your Own Streak (55 points): Defeat Samoa Joe in Story mode (Chapter 6).
It's Damn Real! (75 points): Defeat Kurt Angle in Story mode (Chapter 6).
The New King of TNA (100 points): Defeat Jeff Jarrett in Story mode (Chapter 6).
Send'em Home Happy (15 points): Perform a signature move to excite the crowd
Highspot Risktaker (40 points): Perform 50 aerial moves successfully.
Don't Fire Eric (20 points): Defeat Robert Roode with Eric Young
Return of The Icon (5 points): Play as Sting.
X Marks the Spot (15 points): Win an Ultimate X match.
Detroit's Finest (25 points): Win a Tag Team match using Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin.
Mid-Card Contender (25 points): Win 25 matches in any mode.
He's on Fire!! (20 points): Create an all flame clothing theme.
Shark in the Water (50 points): Defeat every wrestler on the roster with Shark Boy.
Planet Jarrett (20 points): Play against a real life TNA wrestler or someone who has.
World Wide Wrestler (25 points): Play 25 ranked matches on Xbox Live.
Jobber Nation (0 points): Lose 5 matches on Xbox Live in one sitting.
Underdog Wins (30 points): Defeat someone of TNA Champion status on any Leaderboard.
Best of the Best (100 points): Achieve TNA Champion status on any Leaderboard.

Additionally there are five secret achievements.
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End of The Streak (35 points): Defeat Samoa Joe with Kurt Angle.
Cage Was Robbed (35 points): Defeat Christian Cage with Samoa Joe.
The Fallen Angel (35 points): Defeat Samoa Joe and AJ Styles with Christopher Daniels in an Ultimate X Match.
Ultimate X History Lesson (35 points): Win 2 Ultimate X matches with AJ Styles.
Duckin' & Dodgin' (0 points): Congratulations on being the biggest wimp (in a normal exhibition match avoid your opponent for more than a minute).


Spawn extra steel chairs

In any two player game, have both wrestlers walk up to the same chair outside the ring. Try to pick it up at the exact same time. You will both pick up the same chair, causing another one to spawn. You will be both holding separate chairs. This works with any chair outside the ring in any match.

Trip over the steel steps

Run toward and into the steel steps to trip over them.


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