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Temple Run (iPod/iPhone)

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Enter one of the following passwords at the title screen to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Unlimited invincibility

Enter samhines86 as a password.

Extra characters

Enter rxh7nigh as a password.


Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
b, vhc lydttyai

Novice Runner (5 points): Run 500 meters.
Pocket Change (5 points): Collect 100 coins.
Adventurer (5 points): Score 25,000 points.
Sprinter (10 points): Run 1,000 meters.
Miser Run (5 points): Run 500m without collecting any coins.
Piggy Bank (10 points): Collect 250 coins.
Treasure Hunter (10 points): Score 50,000 points.
Mega Bonus (10 points): Fill the bonus meter 4x.
Resurrection (10 points): Resurrect after dying.
Basic Powers (5 points): All level 1 Powerups.
Allergic to Gold (10 points): Run 1,000m without collecting any coins.
Athlete (25 points): Run 2,500 meters.
Lump Sum (25 points): Collect 500 coins.
High Roller (25 points): Score 100,000 points.
Head Start (5 points): Use a Head Start.
Steady Feet (1 point): Run 2,500m without tripping.
Double Resurrection (25 points): Resurrect twice in one run.
Payday (50 points): Collect 750 coins.
5K Runner (50 points): Run 5,000 meters.
No.Trip.Runner (1 point): Run 5,000m without tripping.
1/4 Million Club (50 points): Score 250,000 points.
Money Bags (75 points): Collect 1,000 coins.
1/2 Million Club (75 points): Score 500,000 points.
Super Powers (5 points): All Level 5 Powerups.
Dynamic Duo (5 points): Unlock 2 Characters.
Temple Runner (1 point): Play over 1,000 games.
Minor Miner (1 point): 100,000 Lifetime coins.
Marathoner (1 point): 100,000 Lifetime meters.
Million Club (100 points): Score 1,000,000 points.
Money Bin (5 points): Collect 2,500 coins.
Fantastic Four (5 points): Unlock Four Characters.
Sexy Six (1 point): Unlock Six Characters.
Interior Decorator (1 point): Unlock 3 wallpapers.
10K Runner (100 points): Run 10,000 meters.
Fort Knox (5 points): Collect 5,000 coins.
Pro Temple Runner (1 point): Play over 5,000 games.
Gold Miner (1 point): 500,000 Lifetime coins.
Circumnavigator (1 point): 1,000,000 Lifetime meters.
Magnet Miner (1 point): 5 Magnets in a game.
Coin Jumper (1 point): 5 Coin powerups in a game.
Invisible (1 point): 5 Invisibilities in a game.
Booster Shot (1 point): 5 Boosts in a game.
2.5 Million Club (5 points): Score 2,500,000 points.
MegaRunner (1 point): Play over 10,000 games.
Midas Touch (1 point): 1,000,000 Lifetime coins.
Infinirunner (1 point): 10,000,000 Lifetime meters.
Magnestic Personality (1 point): 10 Magnets in a game.
Gold Explosion (1 point): 10 Coin powerups in a game.
Unbreakable (1 point): 10 Invisibilities Lifetime meters.
Speed Demon (1 point): 10 Boosts in a game.
5 Million Club (5 points): Score 5,000,000 points.
The Spartan (1 point): Score 1,000,000 without using any powerups.
The Attractor (1 point): 20 Magnets in a game.
Golden Rod (1 point): 20 Coin powerups in a game.
Invincible (1 point): 20 Invisibilities in a game.
The Rocket (1 point): 20 Boosts in a game.
10,000,000 Club (1 point): Earn 10,000,000 points in one game.

Additionally there is one secret achievement. Please submit more details about the unknown information.

Secret achievement (Unknown): Unknown.




Make the board go straight forever

Go to "Options" at the main menu. Turn the tutorial on. When you are playing, swipe twice when you are turning. If you do not get it the first time, keep trying. Once done correctly, the game temple board will keep going forever. If you do not want to wait to rack up the points, enter the system settings, turn all updates off and auto lock to never, then do the cheat.