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Tenchu: Dark Secret

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This game is titled Tenchu: Dark Secret in North America, Europe, and Australia, and Tenchu: Dark Shadow in Japan.


Kill types

The ten types of kills you can get are as follows: Sword Kill, Trap Kill, Poison Kill, Water Kill, Explosive Kill, Spike Kill, Tiger-Trap Kill, Fall Kill, Surprise Kill, and Joke Kill.
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Note: In order to get Surprise Kills and Joke Kills, you need to unlock the scrolls that allow you to make joke books and surprise box. After you get kills with all the different types, the background of that enemy's kill gallery will turn gold.

Easy items and money

The easiest way to get scrolls is to fill your inventory with bamboo traps. Simply line them up one after another in the path of an enemy so that he will hit the first one and bounce to the next one until he has hit all eight traps. If done correctly, each time the enemy bounces off a trap he will drop one of the following: money, ninja gear ingredients, or sometimes a scroll. Also, you can sell the eight trap kills you just got at the shop for money.


Action Replay DS codes from Datel. Action Replay DS device required.

Code Breaker codes from CodeTwink. Code Breaker device required.