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Tenchu: Shadow Assault

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This game is titled Tenchu: Shadow Assault in North America and Shadow Assault/Tenchu in Europe and Japan.



Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character.
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Rin: Complete level 1 as Rikimaru.
Nasu: Complete level 1 as Ayame.
Tenrai: Complete level 10 (defeat Tatsumaru) as Ayame.
Tesshu: Complete level 20 (defeat Juzo) as Rin.
Kagura: Complete level 25 (defeat Shigi) as Tesshu.
Onikage: Complete level 30 as Rikimaru.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Neophyte (10 points): Finish Mission 1 without being spotted by anyone except Echigoya.
Apprentice (10 points): Finish Mission 28 without being discovered by anyone.
Footsoldier (10 points): Finish Mission 8 with at least 90 seconds left.
Genin (10 points): Finish Mission 21 with at least 60 seconds left.
Spy (15 points): Finish Mission 11 without taking any damage.
Chunin (15 points): Finish Mission 26 without taking any damage.
Oniwaban (15 points): Pull off a 15-hit combo (Solo Play).
Jonin (15 points): Pull off a 20-hit combo (Solo Play).
Veteran Ninja (20 points): Pull off a 25-hit combo (Solo Play).
Expert Ninja (20 points): Unlock Kagura.
Master Ninja (25 points): Unlock Onikage.
Legendary Ninja (35 points): Unlock all available characters.