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Tenchu Z

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This game is titled Tenchu Z in North America, Europe, and Australia and Tenchu Senran in Japan.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Complete 5 Missions (20 points): Complete 5 missions.
Complete 10 Missions (20 points): Complete 10 missions.
Complete 20 Missions (30 points): Complete 20 missions.
Complete 30 Missions (30 points): Complete 30 missions.
Complete 40 Missions (40 points): Complete 40 missions.
Complete 50 Missions (50 points): Complete 50 missions.
20 Stealth Kills (20 points): Defeat 20 enemies with Stealth Kills.
50 Stealth Kills (20 points): Defeat 50 enemies with Stealth Kills.
100 Stealth Kills (30 points): Defeat 100 enemies with Stealth Kills.
300 Stealth Kills (30 points): Defeat 300 enemies with Stealth Kills.
500 Stealth Kills (30 points): Defeat 500 enemies with Stealth Kills.
700 Stealth Kills (40 points): Defeat 700 enemies with Stealth Kills.
1000 Stealth Kills (50 points): Defeat 1,000 enemies with Stealth Kills.
10 Ninja 5 ranks (20 points): Complete 10 missions with Ninja 5 rank.
30 Ninja 5 ranks (20 points): Complete 30 missions with Ninja 5 rank.
50 Ninja 5 ranks (30 points): Complete 50 missions with Ninja 5 rank.
Ninja 5 All Easy Missions (30 points): Complete all easy missions with Ninja 5 rank.
Ninja 5 All Normal Missions (40 points): Complete all normal missions with Ninja 5 rank.
Ninja 5 All Hard Missions (50 points): Complete all hard missions with Ninja 5 rank.
Complete the game story (50 points): Complete Story mode.

Additionally, there are eleven secret achievements.

Completed 1 Secret Mission (20 points): Completed 1 Secret Mission.
Completed 2 Secret Mission (20 points): Completed 2 Secret Mission.
Completed 3 Secret Mission (30 points): Completed 3 Secret Mission.
Completed 4 Secret Mission (40 points): Completed 4 Secret Mission.
Completed 5 Secret Mission (50 points): Completed 5 Secret Mission.
Killed 5 Tomikichi (20 points): Killed 5 Tomikichi.
Killed 10 Tomikichi (20 points): Killed 10 Tomikichi.
Killed 20 Tomikichi (30 points): Killed 20 Tomikichi.
Killed 30 Tomikichi (30 points): Killed 30 Tomikichi.
Killed 40 Tomikichi (40 points): Killed 40 Tomikichi.
Killed 50 Tomikichi (50 points): Killed 50 Tomikichi.


Victory celebration

Hold Up, Down, Left, or Right after completing a mission before the "Mission Completed" screen appears to do one of four alternate victory poses.

Alternate costumes

Successfully complete the game under the Normal difficulty setting to unlock the secret costumes. The costumes are Foreign Set 1 (white), Foreign Set 2 (green), Foreign Set 3 (forest camo), and Foreign Set 4 (winter camo and red).

Modern Army costume

Successfully complete all 50 missions under the Hard difficulty setting with a Ninja 5 rank.
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Special Costumes

Kill 50 Tomikichi to unlock the Special Costumes, which include the Lion Costume (face), Hotdog (sheath), and Kite and Flag (accessory).

Lurk and Feet abilities

Get 1,000 Stealth Kills.


Daylight Battle On Deck: Defeating the Boss

You will meet this Boss two times. You can defeat him easily by hitting him into a body of water. Water seems to instantly kill all enemies.

Path Of The Ninja: Easy gold

You can do this trick as many times as desired if you have the patience to sneak around. For every enemy you kill, your points will get converted to gold. he easiest way to do this is to complete mission 1, deal with Rokube Echigoya, then do it again. If you have not killed too many enemies, go back over the mission again and make sure you do not get caught (because the game will deduct your points and you will not get much gold). Stay in the shadows and kill every enemy on mission 1. Make sure there are no more enemies. Do not abort that mission or go back to Ninja Village. Kill Echigoya and the game will give you more gold. Because each enemy has a certain amount of points that the game will give you, the points will get converted to gold. You can do this as many times as desired.

Pursuit Of Echigoya: "Ninja 5" rank

This is the hardest level in the game to get this rank. As soon as you gain control of your character, jump to the left-most buildings. Walk along them until you see an innocent man. When he waves and turns around to walk away, jump down and grab the guard below. Kill him then jump on the building to your left, staying to the left of Echigoya. When you reach the end of the rooftop there should be a man below you. Kill him, then jump on to the building in front of you with Echigoya turning right to go down a street. Run along the rooftop and jump to the building to your right. Sit here and watch as a Tomikichi walks past Echigoya. Note: Tomikichi are the men that wear the basket hats. Once Echigoya walks away, watch the innocent person up and to your right. Waiit for him to turn. If you jumped down and killed the Tomikichi when he was turning, he will spot you and walk over. Once he turns, jump down and kill the Tomikichi. Next, walk back toward Echigoya and jump on the fence to your left and onto a rooftop, A man will walk into view below you. Jump down and kill him, then run down the alleway there. Stop at the first opening to your right. Jump up onto the roof and go to the top to restart the timer. Then, jump down to your left and another man will be there. Kill him, then climb the building you where on before to restart the timer. Next, jump over the wall to your left and wait. You will end up with about 00:03:00 when doing this but it is possible. Wait and Echigoya will get disturbed, seeing the dead body you killed a few moments ago. He will run. Walk to the left and you should see two guards. Wait until the enemy to your left moves closer to you then kill him. It is easier if you have the Badger ability. Once he is dead, run down to the end of this street avoiding the Tomikichi and jump on the building to your right to reset the timer.Sit on this roof and wait until Echigoya passes. When he does, the Tomikichi should move past him. Drop down and kill him. Once he is dead, jump back on the roof that you were sitting on then jump to the building across from it. Make sure you are following Echigoya. Once you catch up, you should be behind a building. Drop down and run to the last building, staying behind it. The last enemy will walk to this building. Run out and kill him, then run and jump onto the wall in front of you or to your left and jump onto the building, Echigoya will spot a dead body and begin to run. Follow him. You may need to kill the dog also. The dog is in the alleyway close to where you killed the second person at the beginning. Once you jump to the next building and crawl to the gate, just sit there to complete the mission. Note: Requirements to get a Ninja 5 rank are you cannot be spotted by any one, you must kill all the enemies (eight in this mission, may also include the dog).

Training: Early blowgun

Sneak up on the Bowman and kill him. Save the blowgun and use it at the end of the level.


The B-sword is a purchasable item which makes your entire sword black except the blade itself, which remains silver when the item is equipped. It never breaks and you only have to buy it once. You can draw your sword with no effect to your visibility. This is a must buy item.

Easy win on daylight battle on deck

An easy way to get the kill on daylight battle on deck is to get him to fall off the edge of the boat. To do this easily, jump to the back of the boat and wait for him to come up with you. Use the rain combo to take a suicide dive over the edge with Shigi in your arms. Alternately, run to the bridge connecting the land with the water and knock him in with a regular combo or use the roar and take him out like that. If timed correctly, it should be an easy kill.

Getting rid of Innocents without penalty

Use the following trick when one or more innocent(s) are giving you grief. Find a hole trap. Lure them over with Voice or let them see you so that your Ki meter turns yellow. Grab them while your blade is sheathed and drag them over to the hole. Knock them out by pressing B, then crouch and push them into the hole. You will not get penalized for it because the game thinks that they fell down the hole by themselves. The same trick works for water, except they drown instead of fall.


Walkthrough (single player)

Walkthrough (co-op)


Daylight battle on deck: Get on top of map

First, exterminate every person on the map. Go to the top right corner of the map (the stairs leading to the mansion). At the top of the stairs turn right. You will see the spiked fence. Long jump towards it. Hold RB and move all the way to the right. Note: You must have at least tier one of the skill Wall. When you wall run all the way to the right you will be standing in mid-air. Do not move or you will fall back down. Keep pressing Jump until the sky turns back. You can now walk around on top of the map.


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