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The Block Kuzushi (DS)

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This game is titled Break 'Em All in North America and Europe, and The Block Kuzushi in Japan.


Zone 8

Defeat the Zone 7 Boss to see the normal ending and save the game. You will also get the final orb. Load your cleard saved game file and complete all seven training rooms to unlock Zone 8 on the world map.

Alternate ending sequence

Defeat the Zone 8 Boss.


Recommended power-ups

The recommended power-ups for Tokoton mode standard play are Slow, Mirror, Multi, Safe, Wide, and Laser.

Multi power-up

Never use the Multi-power-up when you have a Safe. It will be difficult to keep the three balls under control and the barrier will eventually be destroyed, sooner than if you were only controlling one.

Fast Laser

Laser is one of the best power-ups but its at the end. The best way to get it sooner is to occupy Safe and Wide. By doing this you only need three power-up advances to get Laser.
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Laser and Bomb

Laser and bomb cannot destroy everything, such as the clear black blocks.

Level 24

It is best to use Multi to get the two blocks hidden behind the unbreakable ones.


Action Replay DS codes from Datel. Action Replay DS device required.

Code Breaker codes from CodeTwink. Code Breaker device required.