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The Dark Spire

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This game is titled The Dark Spire in North America and Genmu no Kiri to Ken no Okite in Japan.


High Elf or Dark Elf

Have the total amount of alignment in all characters in your guild be over 200 points to unlock the High Elf or under -200 points to unlock the Dark Elf; and you must have at least three characters that are Lawful to create the High Elf or at least three characters that are Chaotic to create the Dark Elf.
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Shifting your alignment

The alignment system for a single character ranges from -99 (pure Chaos) to 99 (pure Lawful), with 0 being pure Neutral. A new Lawful character starts with 9 alignment points. A new Chaotic character starts at -9 alignment points. A new Neutral character starts at 0 alignment points and continues to be considered as such until getting to 9 or -9 alignment points. Perform the indicated tasks to shift your alignment towards pure Chaos or Lawful.

Pray at the temple matching your alignment: Move 1 point towards your pure alignment.
Pray at the temple opposing your alignment: Move 2 points away from your pure alignment.
Gain a level as a priest of an alignment: Move 4 points towards your pure alignment.
Use a Level 3 or 4 Divine Spell in combat: Move 1 point away from your pure alignment.
Use a Level 8 Divine Spell in Combat: Move 3 points away from your pure alignment.


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