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Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "oblivion_default.ini" file in the "\my documents\my games\oblivion\" directory. Change the bAllowScreenShot=0 to bAllowScreenShot=1. Press [PrtScn] during game play to save a .BMP file of the current screen.

Test Hall

Enable the coc testhall code. Inside the Test Hall is a Creature Test room, an NPC Test Hall, a secret town called Hawkhaven, weapon, armor, clothing, low-high class decor rooms, and lockpick tests. Note: If you go in and just pick items up (if you have the God mode enabled) the game will be incompleteable. You will get quest items and you cannot drop them. You will be stuck doing different quests. Also if you pick up a lot of items the game will lag when you go to where you dropped everything.

No bounty

When you have a bounty, enter third person mode, select yourself, then enter payfinethief as a code.


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Unlimited gold

  • For the quest to cure vampirism, the Count Of Skingrad asks you find a cure for his wife because she does not want to be a vampire. After meeting with a witch who lives along a river to the east, she has you find five Grand Soul Gems, two Bloodgrass, six Garlic, five Nightshade, Blood Of An Argonian, and Dust Of A Vampire. She then uses these to make a two potions; one for the count and one for you. Upon giving it to the count, he will give you a reward of 500 gold. Talk to him again and select "Reward". He will give it to you again. Repeat this for unlimited gold.
  • After you have completed the vampire quest, talk to Count Hassildor of Skingrad. When it is time to ask for your reward, he will give you a hefty 10,000 gp. If you continue to ask the Count for the reward, he will continue to give you your reward. Repeat this many times as desired.
  • Go to the Talos Plaza District of the Imperial City. Find a house owned by a men named Dorian (Dorian's House) in the southeast section of the district. Break into his house and find him. When he tells you to leave, kill him. To loot him, take each item individually, finishing with the gold, which will not run out once it hits 8 pieces. Just keep selecting the gold he is carrying take it. Do this repeatedly, and the number of gold pieces remaining will freeze when it gets down to 8 gold pieces. It will not go any lower, but will just keep giving you as much gold as desired. Note: After you break in and he tells you to get out, talk to him. Go to "Persuade" and bribe him a lot. After that, kill him. He will now have more money to loot, which makes it easier to get more faster.
  • Note: To get unlimited gold from Dorian easier, use the following trick. First, bribe him until you cannot do so anymore. Then, hit him with your weakest weapon. preferably your fists. Then, quickly hold block and talk to yield to him. Because he is your friend, he will stop fighting. Then, talk to him again. His relationship will have drooped because you hit him, allowing you to bribe him more. Make sure you do not hit him too much or he will run away. Once his health gets low, the guards will probably charge you. After spending your time or paying them, go back to his house. Notice that his health is still low from your attacks. Wait exactly 24 hours and his health will be reset. repeat the entire process to get the desired amount of gold. Once you select the money from his pocket it will not go away, leaving you with unlimited money.
  • Go to Dorian's house in the Imperial City Talos Plaza District. Once you are inside, open the door on your right and you should see Dorian. Bribe him until his disposition is maxed, then run upstairs. When you are upstairs there should be a door directly in front of you. Open it then go back downstairs and strike Dorian with your fists. He should now follow you. Have him follow you upstairs and go through the door you opened earlier. When you get Dorian inside the room, close the door and stand in front of it. This will keep the guards from running into the room. When you are inside, kill Dorian. Make sure he does not leave the room. After he is dead, search his body. He should have a fair amount of gold. Click on the gold and it will go down. When it reaches a certain amount it will stop decreasing. This allows you to have as much gold as desired. Note: Do not select "Take All", as it may cause the game to freeze. Get as much gold as you desired when you kill him, because his body will disappear after you leave the house for awhile.
  • Use the "Duplicate items" glitch inside a store. Make sure that the item you duplicate is worth alot. Sell all but one of the item that was duplicated then repeat the process as many times as desired. It is possible to make up to 50,000 gold in a few minutes.

Unlimited arrows

In the Arena, you will have unlimited arrows. Go into the Bloodworks and shoot at one of the props (barrel, targets, etc.). Then, quickly activate the arrow before it disappears. The arrow you shot is not recorded as a lost arrow because you are on the Arena grounds. However, the arrow you picked up is a completely new arrow and is added to your quiver. Do this as many times as desired. It will work for any arrow.

Invisible sheep

North of the Imperial City, on your map there is a road called "The Red Ring Road". Go to where the tail of the "G" is in "Ring" on the map to find a farm called "Aleswell". Use a detect life item or spell to see that the seemingly empty small pasture actually contains some invisible sheep. If you do not have any life detect items, just look closely to see that there actually are sheep. If you kill them they become visible again.

100% Chameleon-like effect

Have your character in the third person view (where you can see your character). Open the console window and select your character. Type kill at the console window and you should hear the death music. Next, type resurrect on your character and exit the console screen. Enter the first person view and you should have the 100% Chameleon effect on your character. To return to normal, go back to your body and type resurrect on him. Note: Your body may disappear after awhile, so you may need to take trips back to your body.

Dancing brush jar

When you are in a shop and there is brush jar on the table, kick it. It will fall down. When you kick it good, it will keep "dancing".

Floating paintbrushes

There are paintbrushes stored in random containers at various locations. If you take one out and drop it, it will not fall. It will just float in the location you were looking at when you dropped it. You can drop them in sets of two or more and use them as steps to reach high places. You can also use them

as barriers between you and enemies.

Main quest

This trick requires ten to fifteen paintbrushes. they can be found anywhere in the game, particularly in boxes, shelves, etc. You can use this glitch even if you have not started the main quest yet. Once you acquire the of paintbrushes, go in front of the Temple Of The One in the Imperial City Temple District. Climb you way to the top using the "Floating paintbrushes" glitch. Once you are close to the top, jump on the roof. You will go through, landing inside The Temple Of The One. You can see everybody else but they cannot see you. Walk close to where the door would be if you were inside it normally. You will see the top half of the same door you are in front of. Select it to enter the real interior of The Temple Of The One. Notice the hole in the ceiling where the light comes down. You will see a red sky. Walk outside and and two Oblivion Gates will be opened. Your quest will be updated, stating that Dagon is here and that you should talk to Martin. Even if you are not close to completing the main quest this glitch will still work. Go inside both of the Oblivion Gates and get the Sigil Stones. Later you will end up crossing over Dagon. Kill him then talk to Martin in the Cloud Ruler temple.

Mace Of Death

The "Mace of Death" was put in by the development team, but removed. Use the following trick to get it back. Download the update for the game and go to an expansion-only area. Save, then exit the game. Delete the expansion and load your game. You will be in a bizarre version of Bruma, and there will be a random troll in a building. There will also be a "Mace of Death" on the ground or in a chest. It does at least 4,000 damage. Pick it up, save the game, and re-download the expansion. You now have the best weapon in the game.

Extra arrow damage

Enter Sneak mode. Sneak up behind the enemy you wish to kill. Do not let him see or detect you. You must be some distance away. While in Sneak mode, take out your bow and launch an arrow at the target. When the arrow is in mid-flight, quickly enter your inventory and equip any bladed weapon. Notice that the damage of the blade is added to your sneak (in this case, arrow) damage. You must be at a far enough distance to have time to enter your inventory and equip a bladed weapon while the arrow is in mid-flight.


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