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The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift (PSP)

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This game is titled The Fast And The Furious in North America and The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift in Europe.

Cheat Codes


Start a new game and enter KICHIMI as aplayer name.
saec, bw rpg vgngadi tbig


Easy drifting

Purchase a 2003 Subaru Impreza WRX STi V-Limited. (AWD) and put on following upgrades.

Level 4 Nitrous (optional)
Level 4 Exhaust pipe
Level 5 Ignition System (must unlock)
Level 5 Supercharger (must unlock)
Level 4 Intercooler
Level 1 Suspension
Level 3 Drift Tires
Valve Stem LEDs (optional; more weight)

If done correctly the results will be:

Cost: $49,120
BHP: 586
Weight: 3907
Torque: 562

If desired, purchase The 2006 Chevrolet Corvette C6.R for $250,000 (U.S. dealership). Note: This car is already modified for racing and will not need any upgrades. It is a LeMans car and will have touchy steering, even at speeds of 150mph and above. Its stats are:

BHP: 570
Weight: 2437
Torque: 620
Drive: FR

If you want a fast car for about $120,000, purchase a 2006 Chevrolet Corvette C6 for $65,850 (not the C6R). Put on following upgrades.

Level 4 Nitrous ($1,350)
Level 4 Intake and Exhaust ($2,085)
Level 4 Fuel and Ignition System ($750)
Level 4 or 5 Turbocharger
Level 4 Intercooler
Level 4 Suspension ($6,000)
Level 4 Brakes ($5,200)
Level 4 Transmission ($4,600)
Level 4 Clutch & Flywheel ($3,295)
Level 4 Weight Reduction ($5,800)
Level 4 Tires (grip tires) ($1,500)
Level 4 Differential ($2,800)
Level 4 Oil Change ($800)
Universal Rear Spoiler Type 4 ($350)

Optional Parts:

Light Clusters ($250)
AME Rims Tracer Spec-M ($2,800)
Under-car Neons ($200)
Valvestem LEDs ($40)
Window Tint ($200)
NOS Purge ($40)

The result will be a car with 700 BHP and 225 Mph that is worth about $120,000).

Fast cars

Use the following items to make a 1986 Toyota Levin go over 210 mph. Its specs are as follows.

BHP: 548
Weight: 2058
Torque: 376
Cost: $68,693

Buy the following items for it.

'85 Toyota Levin ($8,040)
Level 5 nitrous (must be unlocked) ($2,000)
Level 4 Exhaust Air Intake ($2,781)
Level 5 Fuel Ingection System (must be unlocked) ($5,000)
Level 5 Turbocharger (must be unlocked) ($7,195)
Level 5 Intercooler (must be unlocked) ($2,500)
Engine Swap ($15,000)
Level 4 Suspension ($6,429)
Level 5 Brakes (must be unlocked) ($5,200)
Level 3 Transmission (Top Speed)($2,500)
Level 4 Clutch and flywheel ($3,295)
Level 4 Weight Reduction ($5,800)
Level 5 Grip tires (must be unlocked) ($1,600)
Level 4 differential ($2,800)
Level 5 Oil Change (must be unlocked) ($1,000)
Full wide body kit ($1,500)

Note: If you a cheap car even faster, add the same upgrades to a Sprinter Trueno for a top speed of 240 mph.