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The Godfather (Xbox 360)

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Press Start to pause game play, then enter one of the following codes. There is a five minute lockout before a code can be re-enabled. To bypass this, save the game after a code has been enabled, quit the game, then reload your saved game.

Full ammunition

Pause game play, then press Y, Left, Y, Right, X, click Right Analog-stick.

Full health

Pause game play, then press Left, X, Right, Y, Right, click Left Analog-stick.

All movies

Pause game play, then press Y, X, Y, X(2), click Left Analog-stick.


Pause game play, then press X, Y, X(2), Y, click Left Analog-stick.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

First Sign of Respect (5 points): Reach Respect Level 10.
Gaining Respect (10 points): Reach Respect Level 20.
Making an Impression (15 points): Reach Respect Level 30.
Demanding Respect (20 points): Reach Respect Level 40.
Jack of All Trades (25 points): Reach Respect Level 45.
Public Enemy Number One (50 points): Reach Respect Level 50.
Assassin (10 points): Earn 5 Execution Styles.
Petty Theft (10 points): Crack 10 Safes.
Negotiator (5 points): Bribe a Police Chief.
Smuggler (10 points): Hijack 10 Racket Trucks.
Real Estate Investor (10 points): Purchase a Safehouse.
Bodyguard (10 points): Hire a Crew Member.
Earner (10 points): Extort 10 Businesses.
Enforcer (10 points): Take Over 5 Rackets.
Arms Dealer (10 points): Purchase a Firearm Upgrade.
Forced Entry (10 points): Heist a Bank.
Demolitions Expert (10 points): Bomb a Business.
Knockout King (15 points): Win a Prize Fight.
Entrepreneur (15 points): Collect 10 Film Reels.
Neighborhood Control (20 points): Take Over a Neighborhood.
For the Family (25 points): Complete all Missions.
Contract Killer (25 points): Complete all Hits.
Service Provider (25 points): Complete all Favors.
Diplomat (20 points): Help all Merchants.
Total Domination (50 points): Extort all Businesses.
Front Man (50 points): Take Over all Fronts.
No More Narcotics (30 points): Bomb all Drug Rackets.
Warehouse Wrecker (30 points): Seize all Warehouses.
Transport Takedown (30 points): Seize all Transport Hubs.
Rival Family Elimination (40 points): Destroy all Rival Compounds.
Real Estate Mogul (20 points): Purchase/Own all Safehouses.
Bank Robber (10 points): Heist all Banks Once.
Heavyweight Champ (25 points): Win all Prize Fights.
Safecracker (30 points): Crack all Safes.
The Don (25 points): Reach Don Rank.
Don of NYC (50 points): Reach Don of NYC Rank.
Executioner (40 points): Complete all Execution Styles.
Debt Collector (30 points): Collect all 100 Film Reels.

Additionally, the following achievements require the optional Corleone Challenges downloadable content.

CC Batter Up (20 points): Corleone Challenges: Kill 30 mobsters in less than 15 minutes using only melee weapons.
CC Collecting Dues (20 points): Corleone Challenges: Extort 20 merchants and/or racket bosses before time runs out.
CC Earn Money (10 points): Corleone Challenges: Earn $75,000 before time runs out.
CC Executions (10 points): Corleone Challenges: Perform 10 unique executions before time runs out.
CC Hijack (20 points): Hijack 5 racket trucks before time runs out.
CC Hits - No Innocents (20 points): Corleone Challenges: Kill 100 mobsters before time runs out.
CC Road Rage (10 points): Corleone Challenges: Kill 25 mobsters using your car before time runs out.
CC Safe Cracker (10 points): Corleone Challenges: Crack 10 safes before time runs out.
CC Takedown (25 points): Corleone Challenges: Takedown a warehouse in less than 5 minutes.
CC Tattaglia Hit (20 points): Corleone Challenges: Kill 50 Tattaglias in less than 20 minutes.



Purchase the third upgrade for Tommy Gun.

Street Sweeper

Purchase the third upgrade for Shotgun.

$1 million

Reach the "Don Of New York City" rank at a 91.5% game completion.

Unlimited ammunition

 PC    PlayStation3    Xbox 360  Reach the "Don Of New York City" rank at a 91.5% game completion. You will get unlimited ammunition for all of your guns only. Bombs, dynamite, and Molotov Cocktails are not infinite, and melee weapons can still wear out.

No heat when stealing cars

  • Reach the "Underboss" rank to have no heat when a parked car is stolen.
  • Upgrade you character to Street Smarts level 4. You will unlock Hotwiring and be able to steal parked cars heat free.


Complete the indicated mission or number of film reels to unlock the corresponding movie.

Regarding Sollozzo: "The Alley" mission
Mr. Bonasera: "The Enforcer" mission
Meeting With Sollozzo: "A Grave Situation" mission
Sicilian Sign: "Sleeping With The Fishes" mission
Five Shots: "The Don Is Dead" mission
Sonny And Tom Disagree: "Intensive Care" mission
Sonny And Tom Argue Again: "Fireworks" mission
Mr. Woltz: "Death To The Traitor " mission
Trigger Too Tight: "Horseplay" mission
Mattresses Montage: "A Recipe For Revenge" mission
Where's Michael?: "Now it's Personal" mission
Spoiled Guinea Brat: "The Silent Witness" mission
Carlo Learns A Lesson: "Sonny's War" mission
Are You Ready To Do Me This Favor?: "Change Of Plans" mission
The Don's Demise: "Order To Kill" mission
Carlo Goes For A Ride: "It's Only Business" mission
The Baptism: "Baptism By Fire" mission
Johnny Fontane: Collect 10 film reels
Don Sends Luca On An Errand: Collect 20 film reels
Luca's Demise: Collect 30 film reels
The Don Is Dead: Collect 40 film reels
Whack Paulie: Collect 55 film reels
Good Morning Mr. Woltz: Collect 70 film reels
Sonny At The Tollbooth: Collect 85 film reels
Sorry Sally: Collect 100 film reels







Upgrade priority

When upgrading, use the following priorities.

Health: The more health, the better.
Streetsmarts: Prolong the victims breaking point (and by doing so, increasing your weekly income earnings). Remember to always try to buy them out first.
Fighting: increase you negotiation pressure by 10% for each upgrade.
Speed: Not so essential. Only faster reloading is interesting here.
Shooting: For better aiming speed and precision but not essential for taking over businesses.

Marlon Brando's last appearance

Play the mission when you go to the hospital to protect the Don. After you kill the first assassin and Michael Corleone tells you to go to the basement, go forward and make a left. You should see a door with Michael Corleone talking to Vito Corleone while he is in the hospital bed. Listen to the conversation carefully. This is the real Marlo Brando talking, recorded while he was hospitalized.

Pop culture references references

  • When in Little Italy it is possible to find a man with red hair a mustache and a fedora hat who is named Edward Rooney from Ferris Buellers Day Off.
  • There is a blonde woman walking around in a black dress named Pamela Anderson in Midtown.
  • There is a man with black-gray hair named Mike Brady (from The Brady Bunch) in Midtown.
  • Go to New Jersey and find the New Jersey National Bank. It is the only bank in the area. Go into the manager's room on the top floor of the building. His name is "Jean Bongiovi", clearly referencing New Jersey's own "Jon Bon Jovi" the lead in the band Bon Jovi.


Unlimited money and respect

Complete the first mission, then save your game and quit before answering the downstairs phone. Load the game to get the $500 and 500 respect mission rewards. Save the game and reload it to earn the money and respect again. Repeat this as many times as desired.


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