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The House Of The Dead 4 (PlayStation3)

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Behind the Scenes featurette

Successfully complete the game in Free Play mode.

Hard and Very Hard difficulty settings

Successfully complete the SP story in Free Play mode.

House Of The Dead 4 Special

Successfully complete the game in Free Play mode.


Walkthrough (PlayStation3)


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.
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ESCAPE (Bronze): Clear CHAPTER 1 on any difficulty.
LOST (Bronze): Clear CHAPTER 2 on any difficulty.
EMPTINESS (Bronze): Clear CHAPTER 3 on any difficulty.
DESPAIR (Bronze): Clear CHAPTER 4 on any difficulty.
REUNION (Bronze): Clear CHAPTER 5 on any difficulty.
HOPE (Bronze): Clear CHAPTER 6 on any difficulty.
EAT THIS!!! (Bronze): During CHAPTER 1 Boss encounter, throw a grenade and damage JUSTICE.
CUT THE WIRE (Bronze): During CHAPTER 2, cut the wire and let the enemies fall.
BONUS EXPLORER (Bronze): Find a secret room.
GET THE BUS (Bronze): Shoot and destroy the BUS.
PANDORA'S BOX (Gold): See all 4 endings of THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD 4.
TOP AGENT (Silver): Get RANK 2 or above in Final Result.
WHO'S NEXT? (Bronze): See the bad ending of HOD4 SP.
FIGHT BEGINS (Bronze): See the good ending of HOD4 SP.
ANOTHER PANDORA'S BOX (Bronze): See the true ending of HOD4 SP.