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The Impossible Test (iPod/iPhone)

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Level Clue Answer
1 Touch the red light Touch the red light at the top
2 Tap the enemy Tap the enemy until the fire disappears
3 Touch 5 "blades" Tap all the blades
4 Touch the north magnet Touch the blue magnet with the letter "N"
5 Touch the biggest cloud Tap the cloud at the top right
6 Touch the green water droplet to continue Do not press anything
7 Pop the balloons from right to left Tap the balloons in this order: right, middle, left
8 Drag the bubble to the non square Drag the bubble to the box on the right
9 Tap the money in this order 5 (top right) 25 10 5 (bottom left) Tap the money in the order: Top right (5), 25, 10, bottom left (5)
10 Tap the different image Tap the fish at the bottom left
11 Tap the blue square Tap the blue square at the bottom right
12 Drag everything to the black hole Drag both the planets in to the black hole in the center
13 Touch orange green blue then red Tap the words: orange, green, blue, red
14 Cut the wood Slide the saw up and down until the wood breaks
15 Touch the diamond Tap the square on the right
16 Touch the penguin egg Drag the penguin to the left and then touch the egg
17 Complete the sentence Drag "!" from the top down to the sentence
18 This side up Rotate your device 180 degrees
19 Touch green yellow then red Touch green, then yellow and then wait for the red to change places then select it
20 Remember this guy Drag the blue circle to the left, tap continue
21 Tap the not non-red ninja stars Tap all the red stars
22 Fill the bucket with water Hold your device steady for about ten seconds while the bucket fills
23 Touch the targets Tap all the targets
24 Press the green circle to not advance Do not tap anything
25 Pop the balloons from bottom to top Tap the bottom left balloon, tap the bottom right balloon, tap the bottom middle balloon, tap the middle balloon, tap the top balloon
26 Touch the south magnet Tap the red magnet that reads "S"
27 Put the chocolate chips back Drag the chocolate chips into the spaces on the cookie where the shapes fit
28 Touch green orange red then blue Tap the colored circles in the order stated in the clue on the top
29 Touch the different image Tap the fish at the bottom right
30 Break the ice to save the penguin Shake your device until the ice breaks
31 Destroy the enemy Tap the enemy quickly until it dies; you can select with multiple fingers
32 Tap the money so the total sum = 55 Tap the money so it totals 55
33 Which way was the blue guy looking Tap the eyes on the top right
34 Tap the targets in descending order Tap 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
35 Good thing you remembered Tap the fifth grey circle from the top on the left
36 How many time did the light go on/off Tap 11
37 Touch the primary coloured balloons Tap the red, blue and yellow balloons
38 Light all the candles Use four fingers to tap all the candles at the same time to light them
39 Move the electric coil Drag the word "electric" to the middle
40 Do the opposite of question 1 Tap the green light
41 Memorize the image and tap to continue Tap the word "continue"
42 Replace the bulb with the brightest one Drag the white light bulb away and place the bottom right bulb where the white one was found
43 You complete the game Tap the continue button
44 Touch the wrong one is’s actually right Tap the cross
45 Get the 2nd person back Slide the spaceship towards right and stop at the second person from the right. Tap the beam

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