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The Legend Of Heroes: A Tear Of Vermillion

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This game is titled The Legend Of Heroes: A Tear Of Vermillion in North America and Eiyuu Densetsu Gagharv Trilogy 4: Akai Shizuku in Japan.


Bonus characters

Have a cleared saved game file from Eiyuu Densetsu 3: Shiroki Majo on your MemoryStick Duo. Load the file when prompted in the Japanese version to unlock characters from that game.


Treasure sword

When entering Bron, go to the house with a dart board on the side. Go up the stairs talk to the man behind the counter. Tell him you want to play and answer: make a wish, slow, first prize . It may take about five attempts, but you will get it. You can get lots of swords and sell them for 1900 Rozes each.


Attack magic has a property called "attributes". Its relationship to the enemy's attribute can significantly alter the damage that a spell deals. If your magic has the opposing attribute to your enemy's attribute, the damage will increase, whereas if the attributes are the same it will decrease. A monster with the fire attribute will be weak against water magi, and strong against fire magic A monster with the water attribute will be weak against fire magic, and strong against water magic. A moister with the earth attribute will be weak against wind magic, and strong against the earth magic. A monster with the wind attribute will be weak against the earth magic. and strong against the wind magic.

Defeating Bosses

Before fighting any Boss, get all of your characters' deadly attack meters full. Then, fight the Boss and use all your deadlies on him until he has been defeated. Then, pick off the minions.


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