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The Legend Of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition

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Hero's Trial

Collect a total of 30,000 Rupees or five Medals Of Courage.

Master Sword and Sword Beam

Successfully complete the Realm of Memories.

Hurricane Spin attack

Complete Hero's Trial.

Hurricane Blade attack

Earn ten Medals of Courage.

Realm of Memories

Defeat Vaati.
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Master Sword (Sword Beam)

Complete the Realm of Memories.

Gold sword on profile

Collect the three Hero's keys, select the center door in Vaati's Palace, and complete all twelve trials.


Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding key. Note: They must be unlocked in order. Earning all three keys will unlock one area earch in Vaati's castle

Silver Key: Have at least 1,000 rupees at the end of the level.
Golden Key: Have at least 3,000 rupees at the end of the level.
Hero Key: Have at least 5,000 rupees at the end of the level.


Defeating Vaati

Wait the intermission sequence to end and the fight to begin, then run to the bombs and collect one. Throw bombs into the tornado. Press Y when they reach the top of the tornado to blow it up. Repeat this until Vaati is on the ground. Then, begin slashing. Repeat the process until he has been defeated. Step in the teleporters and start the second fight against Vaati. He will throw orbs at first. Avoid them until the ones which match your color appear. Hit them back and forth until they hit him. During the next phase he will be surrounded by orbs. Hit them at him while avoiding the blue orb that shocks you. During the third phase he grows arms. Wait until he stops spinning, then when one of them opens up, slash with both characters. Use the same strategies as the phases cycle until Vaati has been defeated.

25th anniversary reference

Play Hero's Trial and notice the patch of grass on a small island near the warp point. It is in the shape of the number 25, which is a reference to Zelda's 25th anniversary.


Unlimited Hurricane Spin

Perform the Hurricane Spin close enough to a pit so that it starts to pull you in. Escape from the pit while still using the Hurricane Spin and you will continue using it until you stop moving. This may require some practice. You will know when it is done correctly because the sword will lose its glitter and you will not hear the "swooshing" sound anymore. While performing this glitched Hurricane Spin, you can kill enemies but not cut bushes.


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